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As with all business opportunities, a legal declaration is necessarily to comply with legislation.

I have seen simple ideas turn into great successes for many people, but other people can’t seem to make any money at all from those same ideas. Therefore, it is not always because the ideas are at fault, but possibly the application of those ideas by individuals who have proven that just about anything is possible when a person is determined and intent on success. It has often been said that some people can sell ice cubes to the eskimos, and yet others couldn’t sell a glass of water to a thirsty man!

For legal reasons we are required to state the following:

To the fullest extent permitted by law, Cashtier.info are providing this written and recorded material and website contents as a guide, and make no claims that it is definite that earnings will be made as a result of using this material. Each individual must accept responsibility for the success or failure of a business founded upon the contents of this and all documentation from Cashtier.info, and we at Cashtier.info will not be held responsible for any loss encored by using any information provided. Success or failure of such is based upon their own efforts.
The payment of affiliation fee’s are optional, and therefore if a member wishes to cancel affiliation and no longer promote the Cashtier Infinity Tier7 Manual, the Tier licence for that member will cease at the end of the month in which affiliation is cancelled.

Don’t you just hate those declarations?

I am sure that many of you have tried different programs and plans along the way, and when someone makes a promise, they should keep it, or be held responsible for not keeping the promise.
I do not make any promises at all! I will be obligated under an affiliate license to provide all materials and support as advertised.
I know, as most people do, that it is one’s own efforts that determine the outcome of any endeavour, and what we wish for each of our affiliate members, can only be achieved by those member’s efforts.
One person tries to sell potato peelers and fails miserably, another sells them and becomes a millionaire! To blame the concept of selling the potato peelers therefore would not be right!
Dedication and being determined and true to oneself will make all the difference.

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