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Cashtier Infinity Tier7 Affiliates

Greetings to all Cashtier affiliates.

I would like to share my thoughts with you on my reasons for choice.
When someone tries to sell me something, I have the strangest reaction to it. I almost always either say no, or turn and walk away. There are times when I look back and think that perhaps I should have listened and said yes! But something in me puts up a barrier almost from the moment I am approached. Over the years, I have thought about this often, and many times I have wondered if most other people feel the same when approached by a stranger who obviously is about to pitch them something?
When I wrote Value Enhancement Technology, and then created Cashtier Infinity Tier7, I made a point of offering people the choice to read, and to become involved in my work. I would rather have just one person who can see that what I am trying to achieve is of value to others, than dozens of people who just want to make money in the easiest and quickest way possible.
In fact, I would rather have just that one friend and less money, than have lots of people who are on the make, and have loads of money.
Consider me an odd ball if you wish, but I truly feel that making friends is more important than making money, and yet I can’t expect everyone to like me and to want me as a friend! So, I constantly search for those people who are naturaly caring, and those who see that giving value to others rather than ‘milking’ them dry is more important than just making cash from them.
The kind of people that I want in my life, are those that have a built in drive, who have an inner energy that drives them onward, and who never stop trying to find those answers that are the most important to them. I look for those who will always try ONE MORE TIME!
Thomas Edison: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Affiliation is optional

You are not bound by any agreements with Cashtier to become or to stay affiliated to the Income Stream Commissions Generation.
It has not been, and will never be the intention of Cashtier, to lock anyone into contractual agreements.
Once the manual is purchased, a person can build their business; based on the information provided within the Tier7 manual. (Basic Platform of operations)
Affiliation simply allows for the following 2 options…
1, Constant support from Cashtier.
2, Commissions income generation by promoting and selling Cashtier publications in certain ways.
An affiliate licence, simply registers the fact that a person has chosen the affiliation option. The fee’s paid for affiliation are therefore not mandatory, and can be stopped at any time by the member, and by Cashtier if a member does not proceed to use the ‘Basic Platform of operations’ as stated in the manual.
If you are reading this web page (or publication) then you will already be an affiliate member of Tier7, so the above is to clarify that you are under no obligation to use option 2, as said.
Now that we all understand the above, we can concentrate on building the business.

Important Information for Cashtier Affiliates.

Think Tanking the options for Cashtier Affiliates take a lot of time, but because the Cashtier Infinity Tier7 mandate is to help as many people as possible, the following option is now available to all members and teams.
As briefly mentioned on the ‘Gateway’ page of this website, there is the possibility to do all that is proposed at the Tier3 level, and based on those figures of £29.75 per person per week inclusive costs for running the business, and for maintaining the affiliation fee’s, you can now do the following if you so choose.
If all team members would like to have the above £29.75 reduced to NIL, you can promote the Cashtier Infinity Tier7 business manual OUT-WITH your ‘String Ladder’ creation.
You can do this for all affiliate members, or for any individual member who is finding it difficult to maintain their share of the weekly self investment for affiliation and running fee’s.

If you are to do this for all team members, then you can promote the manual to sale OUT-WITH; and you will receive 45% of the sale value.

After a lot of discussion, that figure was chosen in order that Cashtier provide a serious commission for equally serious affiliate members.
45% of the sale of the Cashtier manual at Tier3 is £67 x 45% = £30.15p.
Therefore, £30.15p commission will be paid for each single sale of the manual when sold ‘away’ from the ‘String Ladder’ system.
Each sale, would cover a single affiliates weekly costs, and leave a slight credit balance.
The main reason for the decision is that there might be a particular team member who is valuable to the team, but who can’t find a way to generate the weekly running costs. Perhaps that person would be a student, or someone who is struggling to keep up with their cost of living for whatever reasons.
To lose that member would possibly reduce a teams ability to reach their goals as quickly as they had hoped, and that member might just be a whiz at graphic design and/or website graphics and creation.
Such a person might perhaps create publish and market (FLIP) such websites, and bring great income generation to the team, and you would not want to lose that valuable addition to your crew.
Because this is now available for such an member, it should also be available to all members!

 So it is!

Keep The String Ladder Creations!

As you will understand, the commissions paid for the growth of the string ladders is far greater than for an individual sale OUT-WITH your string ladders, and because you will also receive affiliate income stream generations that are exponential in the sense that they are weekly generated commissions for the lifetime of those members in the teams below your Tier level, you would not want to lose that at all!
Because the creation of the string ladders can take some time to generate, it would seem prudent that Cashtier make it possible to lighten the running cost’s that some members or teams might face.
It was suggested that Cashtier call this valuable addition to the income stream generations option, as DOUBLE INFINITY, but I am not sure that the term fits this accurately.
I am open to your thoughts about this, so please let me know what you think, and of course anything else relating to the Cashtier Infinity Tier7 business system.
I realize that it would mean generating commissions for the sale of the Cashtier Infinity Tier7 manual each week to fulfill all of the above, and this is where we must overcome those doubts on our ability to succeed. Remember ‘Procrastination’ that old thief of our precious time and energy? Well, we need to stay focussed, and to remember that there are over 202 million people out of work at this time, and those other millions who are under paid, fed up with low income, and bored, and feel hopeless, who you and your teams can help!
When hope is fading away, and when there seems to be no way to improve ours and their lives, BOOM! Along comes an oportunity that could change everything!
Guard ‘The Precious’. Promote it and never give in to self doubt. You and your team can promote the manual, and we will increase the print runs to meet the demands.
Tell me what you think!
I value your input on all such matters.
More follows… There is always more! At least for as long as that is possible ;-}
Thank you for being here…
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