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Hello and welcome to Cashtier.

If you have landed on this page due to seeing a notice with the following questions, then you have taken the first step to improving your situation.
Are you unemployed?
Are you on low pay?
Are you stuck in a rut?
Do you see no progress in life?
Do you want to change that?
Do you want to make lots of new friends?
Regardless of how you found this website, I welcome you, and hope that today, you have taken the first step to making serious changes to your life, in terms of finance, and in terms of creating a large friendship base. It makes no difference if you are unemployed, on low pay, or stuck in a rut that is no falt of your own. You can progress and change all of that, with a team of likeminded friends, who are working with you to get you to where you want to be. 
First of all, I would suggest that you forget what you have been told throughout your life that has put you under the control or others.
You have been fed so many lies, and so much doubt, that it is a miracle that you are here reading this. It is important that you start again, start afresh, and be rid of the doubt and fears that have been put into your mind.
(Important) No matter what you do, please do not leave this website empty handed. If you do not see or understand what the implications of this program are to you, then (no offence intended) you have missed the whole concept and what it can mean to you and your future.
If you are about to click off and leave without contacting me, then you have missed the point!
If you are in any doubt about the Tier7 system, then please make a note of all those doubts, and contact me either by using the contact form within this website, or by email to and express all that you are thinking, and I will get back to you soon.


I have named this page ‘Gateway’ because it is the entrance to a whole better way of thinking about starting a business and changing your life.
Here, you will see the opportunity to start a business, and to do that with very (VERY) low cash input, and to do it, so that you will not be alone struggling to make sense of it, and trying to make it work for you.
The cost of starting your business with Cashtier using the Tier7 business plan is relative. Meaning that where-ever you are in the world, the costs of anything will be different than anywhere else. This business plan will be outlined in terms relating to the UK, and the costings will be in GBP because that is where I have lived for most of my life, and it is easier for me to work in Pounds than in Dollars or Euro’s etc, But the workings will be understood as you go along with the system.


When the Beatles would sit down to create new songs, John Lennon would be very motivated, and my favorite quote from him was ‘Today, let’s write a swimming pool’.

What would you like to write today?

Let’s write whatever we want!


Based on the Tier7 Tier3 level-model, it can cost as little as £4.97 GBP per person per day (Inclusive of affiliation fee’s) to run your new business.
Depending on where you are in the UK, that £4.97 can cover everything that you need to start your business, and to keep it running until you begin to generate cash inflow. Within a short time, as you begin to generate cash input, the cost for running your business will decrease and vanish, and you will then be into profit generation and income building. You could then improve your office, workshop, or studo accomodations if you wish to, and adjust your running cost’s acccordingly.
How quickly this will happen is entirely up to you! If you sit there twiddling your thumbs all day, then so be it! But if you follow the plan and get busy, you should progress above all expectations.
You need only generate that £4.97 per day personally, in order that your business is no longer requiring your ‘own’ cash input, and after that, all will be profit!
I have a friend who smokes, drinks, and gambles, and he is always moaning about how bad his life is, and how short of money he is, and he asked me how he can change things because he ‘wants’ to have a better life! But he never listens to me, he looks at me as if I am demented or speaking in a foreign language that he can’t understand. As he lights up another cigarette and takes a swig of his beer, he looks depressed and moans and moans about the way the world is today…

Don’t dispair, there is a way!

You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink!

It’s the same with people. You can see that they ‘want’ something, but when you offer it, they hesitate, look at you as though you have laid a trap for them, or simply don’t believe that you really do want to help them.
So, you have the opportunity to make positive changes in your life, but will you take it?
If you are too busy thinking, what is this, what will it cost me, what does this guy give me for my money? Well, stop right there!
Because you have been told so many conflicting things in your lifetime, you are probably thinking, WTF? Well, that’s okay. I understand and expect you to feel this way.
That is why I have said above, do not leave this website empty handed! If in doubt, give me a shout!

Let’s do the math!

The cost of this business system depends on the level that you choose. The following example applies to Cashtier Infinity Tier7, Tier3.
The Cashtier Manual, and membership access to many additional documents is £67.00 inclusive of postage and packaging (Now available in PDF format and downloadable for £48.25). Although the manual content discusses both the ‘Primary Platform’ and the ‘Secondary Platform’. The ‘Secondary Platform’ is run by Cashtier on behalf of affiliate the members. The manual also contains a copy of Value Enhancement Technology V.E.Tech, and Cashtier website content.
Due to the current Covid-19 worldwide disruptions, we may need to use the PDF downloadable version of the manual and any other documents that we provide until the situation improves. If it is not possible for Cashtier to provide the physical manual, you will be informed.
Please remember that working from home is a good way to respond to such restrictions, and that you can still form your team using networking. It’s amazing just what can be acheived by forming a network linkup, and by using Skype and Messenger you can be linked as a team, and as the Internet is worldwide, you can reach billions of people, many of whom could become your clients and/or associates. Nothing can stop the determined mind!
unemployed,low pay,in a rut,new friends

Tier7 with Value Enhancement Technlogy

If affiliation is chosen…

The affiliation fee’s are £6.79 per week or (£0.97 pence per day).  It is preferred that you pay those fee’s annually, or perhaps bi-annually, but can be paid by Direct debit or Standing order if preferred. If you do pay affiliation fee’s annually, then you don’t have to be concerned with them for that whole 12 months, and can concentrate on building the physical business.
In the manual, I have suggested the £4.00 per day to run your portion of the physical business, but as a team, you might wish to change this.  If you have paid your 97p per day affiliation fee’s as suggested above, then this is all that you need be concerned about unless you agree to make any changes. That brings the daily investement into your future to £4.97 at Tier3. The £4.00 per day self-investment is your business, into your joint business, and is not for Cashtier. Cashtier constant support is there when you might need it, and the above affiliation fee’s cover that support and the Tier licence that you have chosen. The cash breakdown for running your business is included in the manual, and more information is available if you require it.
Levels 3 through 6, and the Affiliates page are password protected within this website, and are used for Affiliate Members Information.
You will manage your own business funding by having that cash flow business funding accumulate in your banking.

How do you run a business for £4.97 per day?
Is that possible?

As mentioned above, and is explained within the Tier7 business manual,

You will not be alone!

How would you feel  if running your business actually cost you nothing at all?

There is a way.

I have designed the concept so that it can and should be this way!

There is a ‘KEY’ element that makes the Cashtier Infinity Tier7 program work.

If you want to know more about Cashtier, please make contact.

We are standing by to discuss all issues with you.

£4.97 per day!

Can’t afford it?

There are so many ways to make small amounts of money, that I don’t need to explain so many of them to you here. You need only have the courage to ask and offer your help or service to other people, or local businesses for small change these days. In fact there has always been ways to make a little cash if you are determined and wish to improve your situation. Most people waste money a lot of the time on things mentioned above, and if the £4.97 can’t be saved from cutting back on things that are not so essential, then it is time to go out and find that small mount of cash, invest it in yourself and in your new business. You no longer need to be unemployed, and you will have greater control of your life! Working and earning the £4.97 can be done for 1 hours work per day, and that will cover your running costs.
I often wonder how much the leaflet deliverers make each week? How much would someone pay to have their garden kept tidy each week, and how many gardens are there? There are many ways to earn that amount.
If you are intent on improving your situation, there are ways to save or make the £4.97 per day that will make it possible for you to Tier7 your life.
As said above, once you start to generate income with your Tier7 business, the costings will fall away and you will enter into cash income. The level of income is entirely up to you and those with whom you will work, and the Cashtier Infinity Tier7 business manual has the ‘KEY’ information that you need to progress.
Is there a catch? Surely there must be a catch here somewhere?
But there will be no sitting on your thumbs either!
All will be revealed to those who are genuinely prepared to do whatever it takes to make your new business work!

It’s decision time!

Most people that fail to get ahead, do so because of the greatest enemy of all!

The time thief


When the ball is coming towards you, you swing the bat! It’s no good wondering if you should take a swing, by then it’s too late. It’s time to write a swimming pool!

You will be investing in yourself. You will be self-employed, and you will be in control of your every movement within your new business. You will be working with others, who will all have the same intentions, that of succeeding and never giving in until you do succeed. 7 people no longer unemployed, on low pay, or stuck in a rut, you can flourish in your new team based publishing business.

Most of all, as an Cashtier Tier7 Affiliate, you will have the all important ‘KEY’

Please remember that the above ‘brief’ cash-flow figures are as an illustration, and if you are located outside of the UK, to convert to your local currency. There is help and advice available for Affiliate members at all times relating to this and all matters Tier7.

It’s time for you to swing the bat!

Cashtier is ready to help you as an affiliate with


Level3 Recommended. Read and proceed!

Thank you for being here…
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As a team!

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