It Is Time

It is time to get out of the rattrap once and for all.

Rather than simply thinking of, and starting any business, it would seem prudent to look for examples of other people who have succeeded in business, and to study their ideas, techniques, and their thinking patterns.
Many people would say that as long as you follow certain procedures and stick to the rule book, you should do okay, and that some businesses succeed and others fail, and that is just the way it is.
In my opinion, there is a precise way to become wealthy.
There is a definite way to become successful.
Life however, is not just about how much money we have.
It is most certainly sweeter for having plenty of it of course!
The quality of our lives though, is very important.
Whatever work you do, or whatever job you have can be very important and vital to the community as a whole, and of course to you, in order that you can live and create a sustainable lifestyle.
If we are happy as a bus driver or a plumber, then that is just great!
We need bus drivers and plumbers etc.. of course we do, but there are some of us that don’t seem to be content with conventional business or employment. We often think that whatever we are doing is just not good enough, isn’t making enough money to provide for our futures, and has no upward movement or momentum. We can feel stagnated and trapped!
Many people want something more, and many of us have a different mindset that drives us crazy if we are not able to follow our dream to make it big and to become wealthy and have an idyllic lifestyle.
We see other people who are making absolute fortunes with this or that Internet business, and we strive to figure out how they do it all.
We hear about, and attend seminars and hope to catch the secret to take home with us, and to fire it into action and go make a fortune.
We desperately hope, and sometimes even pray that we can get rich quickly, and to change our lives bringing prosperity to our loved ones.
We try to build on what we have heard and seen, and somehow we just can’t seem to make it happen. The American dream scenario just won’t happen for us.
Why? We ask ourselves over and over again!
Desperation can soon overwhelm us, and despair can set in and we believe ourselves to be a failure. We are just not on the ball we think, and we sometimes feel foolish, and most often, we have to lick our wounds and count the cost of what we have just done and failed!
We have either not grasped the real truth, or we were not actually told the truth at all!
So what is the truth? What the heck are we missing, and why can’t we do what the ‘big boys’ are doing? We question ourselves and most often blame ourselves!
Is there any truth in anything that we are told?
Is everyone just out to get our money, and leave us gasping for more until we spend even more money in order to ‘maybe this time’ get to the real truth that will enable us to reach financial success?
What about the person who wrote Cashtier Infinity Tier7. Is this guy going to tell us the truth, or is he just waffling?
MMMM! Well Ladies and Gentlemen I am here today to tell you a secret.
The truth is all around you and me; it is just so darned difficult to see it clearly and to piece it all together in a way that we can put any of it into action. Some things advertised look great, and because we are enthusiastic and eager to do well, we buy into all sorts of business schemes and ideas. We can’t blame ourselves for believing other people, we just expect that they are being truthful!
The truth is as we see it!
Our truth is the only truth!
The truth is, whatever works for you and provides you with what you are looking for, and it really is the only real truth!
So, what is my truth, and is it what you are looking for? Can you believe me? What will it cost you to find out, and are there any hidden costs?
I am going to tell you my truth, and I sincerely hope that here today, you will find within my presentation, a truth that will set you free from the failures of the past.
Not only that. I am going to explain to you that the cost of buying the Cashtier Manual and the affiliation membership fees, is all you will need to pay Cashtier, and that the system is designed so that those costs are a part of a much bigger plan for you to generate income from them.

Here goes!

You should forget conventional businesses!
Forget franchises!
Forget retail!
Forget traditional partnerships!
Forget spending the rest of your life waiting for customers to walk past your business premises and maybe, just maybe, calling in to spend a few pounds with you!
Forget MLM!
And absolutely forget get rich quick schemes of all kinds!
Oh dear! What is there left for us?
The truth!
It is time to get out of the rattrap once and for all.
There is a precise way to become wealthy.
There is a definite way to become successful.
The best things don’t come easily; they require commitment, determination, belief in oneself, and a system for action with support when required.
It isn’t just about making money, although it is certainly great to do this. It is about how you feel about your life and that you enjoy what you are doing, and also that you generate a new network of business associates and friends.
Sharing is so important, and you will see that the Cashtier Tier7 program is all about sharing, in more ways than one!
Unless you know exactly ‘how to’ start and run your business, you will have difficulty in getting it going.
We all need help in understanding how we can change the way we think about business and making money. And without constant support, we usually fail or struggle so much that we lose heart and soon give in and fail.
With the constant support that I am going to tell you about in a few minutes, you will have a much better chance of succeeding than you would if you try to go it alone.
For many years, I have watched as certain people have built great wealth based on a simple yet very effective method.
The Cashtier Tier7 program takes a different approach to the following.
People from many different countries have taken simple niche products, and sold them over and over again until they became millionaires. There is no secret in that!
Better than that though, I have re-invented the wheel so to speak.
I have spent a lot of time and money over the years and because I have suffered the cost and time lost on a personal level, I would not wish to waist your time with promises of success based on nonsense.
If you can imagine building a brick wall, you will understand that you require certain materials and tools to do the job correctly. You also need the ‘how to’ information.
How many times have you heard people say, “How did he do that? That’s amazing!”
You can also imagine wanting to build a wall, and buying the materials and having them delivered to your building plot.
Now what? Well, you can have a go at building your wall, and who knows! Perhaps you will do quite well for a beginner, or more likely, your wall will fall down and you will wish you had learned ‘how to’ do it properly!
Sometimes you will see business systems offered in newspaper publication, and also on the Internet that look great! So you send for the system only to find that you have but a small piece of the information that you truly need! You are then left alone to try to piece it all together while the person you paid for the system goes off to spend your money!
The person that I bought the ink from to print my publications learned ‘how to’ do it, and he is making a lot of money!
The person that I bought the paper from that is on my desk learned ‘how to’ do it, and is also making a small fortune! But where can you buy information that will take you all the way?
The Cashtier Tier7 business program approaches niche marketing in a different way, and you will see that it is indeed Hands on, and not just Internet based and relying on imaginary people seeking you out and sending you their money just because you have a great website and a great way of promising enormous amounts of money with perhaps just 1 click of a button!
The Cashtier Tier7 business program actually is Hands On, and it is a physical business that is put together after gathering some of the most exiting and potent truths from the business world.
It all looks and sounds good, but what do you do next?
Perhaps more important, you will be thinking how much will it cost you to start up?
Well the only way you can ever know if you are going to succeed with this system is if you give it (not just a go) but take a run at it and give it your all!
What you do next could change your life beyond your greatest wishes. You give it all that you can in order to reach success!
As for what it will cost you to set up?
Well you have some room for manoeuvring here, but you should not expect to be able to build a business without investing some money and as much time as it takes to launch it and to bring it to the point where you can then delegate and leave your company manager to get on with it.
The Internet is wonderful in many ways, but the information (as always) can be confusing. I looked up what is considered to be the average cost of setting up a business, and it ranges from £312 GBP to £95.000 GBP, so that information didn’t help me much at all!
With the Cashtier Tier7 unique system (or program), your set-up costs can be so low, it will be a surprise to you, as you will see.
This is nothing like the conventional business set-ups, and if you follow the system correctly, you will be amazed at how easy it can be to set-up and run this business. Especially with the constant support offered to you here.
You are possibly going to feel that you must not have what it takes to succeed in business, and that it is YOUR fault that the business ventures of the past have failed.
Generally though, it is not your fault at all!
You were perhaps sold a snippet of information that was incomplete, and you struggled to understand just where you had gone wrong, and you became disheartened.
What is different about Cashtier Tier7 and this business program, is that you have a clearly defined system in front of you right now, and also have constant support available to you each and every day of the year for as long as you continue to be an affiliate member.
When a question arises and you are unable to carry on, you can simply contact Cashtier, and we will do everything that we can possibly do to find the answer or solution. You would not be left to struggle alone.
If you want to become a successful businessperson you must have the following…
A business system…
Someone to guide you and to advise you along the way…
A desire to become wealthy…
The ability to put all of your effort into building the business…
Faith in yourself…
Iron grip control of every nuance…
Vision of your future…
The ability to look! Listen! And learn!
A good alarm clock… And that’s no joke!
A new way for you!
After trying to find ways to become a successful businessperson, many people give in, and fail because they form opinions that become imprinted in their psyche.
They fail, and become complacent.
They become psychologically reshaped, and believe that what other people are saying must be true, and that they have failed because they are not suited to business.
They begin to believe that only certain types of people can actually make it to the top of the financial tree.
Many people try to go into business over and over again, and because they do not have someone to help them to understand what is happening, they continue to fail.
Failure becomes a part of their lives, and they become demoralized and thus, their minds take on the shape of failure.
Failure then hides within them!
They then do not realize that they are living a life of failure without being consciously aware of it.
They rise in the morning thinking that everything is normal when it clearly is not!
The very fact that they have failed and will continue to fail becomes seemingly normal to them, and they plod on unaware of the real truth. The real truth is that they should not have failed in the first place, and the real truth is that they are actually miserable and living a false and none progressive unfulfilled life.
Some people say that the only way to have a happy life is to get a job and settle down!
Some people say that failure is inbred in a person, and no matter what you do this cannot be overcome!
They are wrong!
And worst of all, they probably don’t even realize that they are wrong!
Have you heard the saying that it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know? Well I used to believe that rubbish, but not any-more I can assure you of that!
I know quite a lot of wealthy people, and if you look as though you are down and a little needy, well BAM! Cough cough, err um, ‘well have you tried the banks? They might give you a loan if your credit is good!’ Good luck squeezing money from a rich person. (There are some nice wealthy people don’t get me wrong!)  
Well I am here today to tell you that success can be achieved by anyone as long as they have the constant support that they need, and have a business system that has stood the test of time, and that is explained properly. It matters not what other people might say, as they seek to demoralize you and use one-upmanship to keep you down so that they appear to be the ones that are better than you.
There is a way, and there is such a system. There is also someone who truly cares about you, and wants to see you reach your goals and become wealthy and successful.
I am such a person! If you ask me why, I will tell you that it is because I have lived all of the above, and because I have travelled the long and winding road of life and have learned that all of my past failures have been because I was alone in my thinking. I was stranded in wrong thinking. I was lost and bewildered without help when needed. I was drowning in a sea of data and hype, lies and cheating, deceit and illusion, downright and utter bull****!
The Cashtier Tier7 business system is going to prove to you that you are not a failure because you have continued to search until you are now reading this publication. You are going to make changes in your life that will awaken the sleeping giant that is within you. The kind of sleeping giant that is waiting to be activated and that can cause someone to dive into the raging stream to save another persons life. The sleeping giant that appears just when someone is in danger and needs to be rescued.
I am a person who cares about those of you who have a deep and strong desire to improve your lives and to provide better for yourself and those that you care about. I am a businessperson who relies upon you in order that I improve my life also! So it is important that I be open and truthful in my dealings with you.
I need you to become successful so that I can point at you and say I DID THIS! I gave help and constant support to this person, and now they are successful!
By caring for you as an individual of unique value, I cross the boundary of ‘I want your money’ to ‘I want your success’ in order that I am successful also!
I want to stand next to you and to shake your hand as we stand on a sun drenched beach! And when you tell me ‘thank you’ I will say NO! Thank you! Thank you for believing in yourself and awaking ‘your’ sleeping giant!
How can you be convinced that you are not a failure, and that you can truly succeed with Cashtier Tier7?
The follow up information in the months ahead will back you up and arm you and fill you with enthusiasm.
Will this work for you?
Yes it will because you are not a failure. You are a winner starting right now!
Try it and see!
I am going to show you a way to become successful, and for you to build a better future for you and for those that you care about.
I am offering ‘constant support’ and a system for business that with the right approach and application can change your whole perception of how to become a success in business.
Think as a team, and grow richer!
Build it and they will come!
Today you will begin to see things in a different way.
Hopefully it will be in a totally new way for you.
You might have read, seen, or heard some of what you are about to read in this publication, but here, today, you will begin to travel a well trodden road that has been used by so many successful people throughout time.
A road that is so clearly marked on the map, but that so many millions of people have no idea how to reach it, or if finding it, don’t recognise it.
They have no idea ‘how to’ proceed in order to reach all of the bounteous wonders that are awaiting them.
I am going to make new, the old, and re-present the old in new ways. I am taking the lead, and it is my business to show you that you can succeed!
I will provide you with thousands of ideas that you can work on in your teams.
I will show you ideas that can be re-invented and improved upon by your teams.
We will share old and new ideas that you can expand and improve on to offer to the millions of business hungry customers all over the world.
I am armed and ready to help you as a member of the ‘constant support’ program.


Time is so very precious, and we must not waste one single moment thinking the old way.
Prosperity is not something that just happens; it is something that is built with enthusiasm and constant unwavering effort, and faith in oneself.

Gordon Mitchell

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