The Big Issue

The Big Issue!

How many websites does it take to convince you that you can start a business for just a few dollars or pounds, and that all you need to do is pay up and go away to struggle alone?
All the best advice in the world should not convince you that you can actually do that as simply as stated!
Look at some of the ideas that are proposed in websites all across the world wide web. Countless offers of ways to get rich quick, or pay monthly for many separate parts of an equation that is supposed to take you to success.
You don’t need me to show you these websites. They are everywhere!
While I understand the sentiment of such websites, and there are absolutely thousands of them, and the good intentions that the writers might have, it leaves me empty of hope. Is it possible that people just love to publish websites in order to fill them with advertisements that they can gain traffic and earn commissions from the advertisements?
After many years of studying and interacting with such websites, I have come to understand that I can not trust any one of them to actually make a positive difference in my business life.
That is why I have spent so much time writing this Cashtier program. I have determined for myself that there just has to be a more defined way to look at creating and starting a business.

The big issue is this.

The big issue is that without the right people, and the right thinking and actions, no business can flourish at all!
In my humble opinion and after years of hammering away at this subject, I have found that unless you just happen to have a weird stroke of luck (not that I believe in luck at all) the odds of starting and running a successful business, are very slim indeed!
The big issue is that, unless you are the right kind of person, and understand what the Cashtier business manual holds for you, it is better that you simply leave it be, and look elsewhere for an opportunity, and I do wish you well in your search.
I would rather have just 1 believer, than have 100 people buying my manual for the wrong reasons. I am not saying that in a conceited way, just in a logical way. I would not enjoy having 100 peoples money for the manual and for affiliation fees, knowing that they are not really invested mentally in the structure for success.
It’s obvious and important that many different types of thinking people will purchase the Cashtier Tier7 publication, and that’s understood. The big issue in that case is that they all receive constant support from both you, and Cashtier, in order that they become right thinking, right acting people who will work hard to become successful Tier7 team leaders, and/or team members.
A great many people pay hundreds of dollars for even the slightest chance to start and run a business that will bring them what they need. Then, they do it again when the first one fails to work. Over and over, we give our money to people who might or might not give a damn whether we succeed or fail.
I am certainly not saying that all of what is offered is designed to con people into parting with their money. Most definitely, many businesses offered could indeed work, but the people buying them, for whatever reasons, are either not right thinking for a specific business, or they do not understand what starting such a venture entails. Worst of all, in my opinion, is that they did not receive the all important support that they so badly need on a constant basis.
The big issue is that even if a fantastic business opportunity is found, most people are not suited to the whole strategy of that particular business, and it is not the fault of the provider of such information. I can not tell you if a particular website or business opportunity, or the information and instruction given is genuine, and that too is a big issue!
What I do know, is that a very large amount of money is spent by people who realise very little from such opportunities.
People are naturally concerned about parting with their money based on hope.
Money is the key issue for most of us, and so it should be!
The fact, that some people, in fact many people, waste money daily, does not seem to factor into their calculations when thinking about investing in themselves. They, in a pre-learned, or natural way, believe that spending money on a cup of coffee or a bar of chocolate, magazine or news paper, cigarettes, beer, or even on a mobile phone data contract is acceptable, whereas, they feel apprehensive or threatened when handing that very same money over to someone else so that they can purchase information that might lead to a successful and fruitful business that could bring them financial security for life!
The Cashtier Infinity Tier7 business ideology has looked at the things that we take for granted that we believe that we need to have in our lives, and there are many more, that we seldom bring into the equation, such as TV contracts, unnecessary food items, excess vehicle running costs, body make-up and body trimmings, jewellery, and very many more. Those items can come later when we are successful in our search for financial improvement in our lives.
The big issue is that we need to change the way that we look at our lives. We need to see that we have been indoctrinated into thinking in certain ways, and to stop believing those things that we have been told that we are, and which need, is not actually true, and then we need to change our perceptions of life. We need to look at things differently and to see that we are following someone else’s program of life as they want us to live it.
£4.97 per day equates to what?
 A cup of coffee and a cake from your local coffee bar.
A pint of beer.
A bar of chocolate and a soda.
A newspaper and/or magazine.
Mobile phone costs that are often under used.
Buying a take-out snack that is cheaper if made at home


What else do you spend your spare cash on?

 Where can you generate £4.97 per day?

There are many ways that you might earn a little cash each day, and if you need to read this list, then I am quite worried that you might not really want to become a success!
Do something, anything for someone and earn £4.97.
Clean an office for 1 hour per day for £4.97.
Do some ironing or washing for someone for multiples of £4.97.
And many other ways that you must be able to think of!
Cut down on something worth £4.97 per day.
Save money on a service that you are paying for, such as TV contracts, Mobile phone contracts. After all, this is your life and the clock is ticking!
Get out more if possible and save home heating without compromising your health.
Save money by cutting something out that you don’t actually need, such as wine, beer, chocolate, cigarettes, make-up, on-line buying, and many many more!
The big issue is knowing who to trust, and believing in something strongly enough to take another step forward.
I have written and created the Cashtier Infinity Tier7 business system and placed, what I believe is, sufficient information on the website and within the manual to provide you with what you need to begin a new journey of self discovery, self determination, and self control of your own business destiny.
My intention has been to help as many people as possible to leave the controls of others.
The Cashtier Basic Primary Platform is easy enough to understand, and isn’t rocket science. The Secondary Platform however, combined with the Basic Primary Platform, is KEY to the Infinite and exponential-ity of the Tier7 business system.
These 2 Platforms combine to bring creativity and self control within your grasp, and because Cashtier will be working in the background with the Secondary Platform Algorithm of Commissions Generation based on something that is designed not to cost you anything extra, you will be able to create and build your own publishing business, where you choose people that you wish to work with, and control all aspects of your new business to suit yourself!
As you will be doing all of that, you need only be Affiliated to Cashtier by optional personal choice, in order that Cashtier can insert you into the Commissions Algorithm Structure, and in that, you can generate residual and exponential commissions based on active membership that is a result of Replication and passive interaction.
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