Before we can find solutions to problems that might exist, we need to know what the problems are!

At this time, there are approximately 202 million people who are unemployed across the world. From the unemployed person’s viewpoint, it means that there are 201.999.999 other people who would also want the job that they might wish to apply for. That would depress anyone who is trying to improve their financial situation.
From the Cashtier viewpoint, that means that there are 202 million people who can take up the opportunity to become self-employed, and for a very low cash input, become involved in business. They would then have the opportunity to create value for themselves and for the rest of the people across the world who need what they too, would have to offer.
At the time of writing this web page, over 711,995,122 people live in extreme poverty according to the following web site by (
The world needs a solution to this appalling situation, and we should be a part of that solution. Remember the 2.755 billionaires in the world who’s accumulative wealth is over $13 Trillion dollars? There are also many multimillionaires; yet people are starving to death!
Let’s take a look at some of the problems that one might face. We can also call them issues rather than problems, because there would be no problems if people knew the answers, they would become issues of choice. The choosing to solve or to remedy the issue based on what information is now available.
People everywhere face the reality that there appears to be little opportunity to find a job. What if they never find a job? So many people who try to start a business in order that they improve their lives, and the lives of those that they care about, become unhappy, sad, depressed, demoralized, and they suffer from low self-esteem.
Self confidence is vital.

Gain self esteem!

After trying to find ways to become a successful businessperson, many people give in, and fail because they form opinions that become imprinted in their psyche. They fail, and become complacent. They become psychologically reshaped and believe that what other people are saying must be true, and that they have failed because they are not suited to business. They begin to believe that only certain types of people can actually make it to the top of the financial tree.
Many people try to go into business over and over again, and because they do not have someone to help them to understand what is happening, they continue to fail. Failure becomes a part of their lives, and they become demoralized and thus, their minds take on the shape of failure. Failure then hides within them! They then do not realize that they are living a life of failure without being consciously aware of it. They rise in the morning thinking that everything is normal when it clearly is not! The very fact that they have failed and will continue to fail becomes seemingly normal to them, and they plod on unaware of the real truth. The real truth is that they should not have failed in the first place, and the real truth is that they are actually miserable and living a false and UN-progressive, unfulfilled life.
Some people say that the only way to have a happy life is to get a job and settle down! But where are those jobs? Some people say that failure is inbred in a person, and no matter what you do this cannot be overcome. They are wrong! The Cashtier business system is going to prove to you that you are not a failure because you have continued to search until you are now reading this publication.

Perception “controls” behavior.

Perception “controls” genes.

Perception “re-writes” genes.

Perception “re-writes” behavior.

You are going to make changes in your life that will awaken the sleeping giant that is within you by changing your perceptions. The kind of sleeping giant that is waiting to be activated and that can cause someone to dive into the raging stream to save another person’s life; regardless of who they might be, and disregarding their own safety. This is the sleeping giant that appears just when someone is in danger and needs to be rescued. You don’t learn that at school or college! You are that person deep inside. You are a remarkable piece of Workmanship, and you can achieve great things, as long as you believe that you can!
Please make some time to watch the following video, and to research this very important subject from Dr Bruce Lipton.
With the Cashtier Infinity Tier7 system, there are opportunities to solve all of the above issues. It takes the changes in your perceptions, and the awakening of your sleeping giant, with faith in yourself, with the determination to bring about the changes that can lead you to a better and brighter future, but without the risks that starting a conventional business can pose. Everyone realizes that nothing comes without effort. Even the effort to believe in oneself can cause issues that are difficult to overcome, and that is why the Tier7 system can be so beneficial.
Team building

Think Tank

How would you feel if you knew that each morning, that you were self-employed, and had a business that you just loved being involved in?
How would you feel each day if you had 6 other people working with you to help you to reach your potential, and attain your goals? How would you feel if instead of trying to find thousands of pounds or dollars to start and run a business, that you could have full involvement and all of the benefits of a business, and need only to fund it with a very small amount of money compared to the conventional way of doing that, and to know that very soon after starting to run the system, the running costs will be swallowed up by profits, and the business running costs not only vanish, but become a moot point?
How would you feel if you could choose those 6 other people that you will be in business with?
How would you feel if you knew that you could have more than one pay-day per week, or per day, and that you would have equal share in all profits made? You are not a failure, and you need never think that again! There is a way, and there are certain actions that you can take that can change your life forever. With just the understanding of the Cashtier Tier7 business system, you can begin to see that there are countless opportunities waiting for you to dive into. This system is short of only one thing, and that is your involvement!
A stick is just a stick, until you stir something with it. It then becomes an instrument. The Cashtier Tier7 system is a dead stick without people. People all over the world can benefit from Cashtier in one of two ways. 1- As Cashtier affiliates, they have the opportunity to serve millions of people and to create cash income in an exponential way. 2- All of the people across the world who seek help, advice, comfort, opportunities, knowledge, recreation, friendships, and countless other needed and wished for things, can find and benefit from finding what they are looking for, through Cashtier Infinity Tier7 affiliates, who can provide those things.

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