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In order to provide something of value to anyone who contacts Cashtier, You have my permission to sell the Value Enhancement Technology PDF document for no more than $10.00 (Ten Dollars US).
You can give it away for free.
You must only give or sell this PDF book in its original format.
You cannot change the contents of this PDF in any way.
You cannot print this book and give away the printed version.
You cannot make recordings of (in part or whole) this book and sell or give-away the recordings.
You only have Cashtier authorization to give away the full PDF version of this book or to sell it as stated above – as a PDF file.
The PDF file is available on the downloads page. If you prefer not to be affiliated with Cashtier, but would like to give away or sell the V.E.Tech PDF document, please send a request using the contact form at the bottom of the ‘contact’ page.

 Any other usage will be seen as a violation of this agreement and can be prosecuted under International copyright laws.


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