Publishing Proof

Proof that publishing is a great business to be in!

What proof is there that will convince you that the Cashtier Business concept actually works?
Throughout history, and right up to today, publishing has been a major power in society. Every document, every book and newspaper, along with enormous amounts of other publications, and all visible media ia published. Posters, business cards, fliers, manuals, historical, and so much more, not forgeting bank notes and letterheads etc.. All publishing in various ways. All internet activity shows publishing is thriving and growing!
Publishing is a tool just like any other.
The trick is to fervently believe in what you are doing to the extent that you will work your backside off to make it so!
It doesn’t matter what business you try to start. If your commitment is weak, then you are on the road to failure.
Ten thousand flies around a jam jar prove that the jam is sweet. So many people who have made a success of publishing prove that it’s that person who is the success because the proof of concept is cemented in the history of publishing.
Publishing is the jam, and those people who hover around it are the proof that there is wampum there.
I offer such proof here and now, and although I can’t write about it due to copyright laws, I am able to share a video that is ‘PUBLISHED’ on the world – wide – web.
Look and listen carefully, and watch it twice a day until you are convinced that Cashtier is correct about the concept of publishing being the way to success if you are serious enough to spend 19 hour days, 7 days per week in proving it to yourself and to the world! Would you work 19 hours a day to reach success?
The man in the video is an inspiration to all who watch it. He is a dedicated and valuable proof that if you are determined and will ‘never give in’ you can create your own success.
That’s all I have to say in this memo.
The proof is here for you to see.
I can only show you that publishing works.
The rest is up to you, and with the optional affiliation offered in the Cashtier Infinity Tier7 manual, you have the opportunity to start your own company at a low investment level, as you will not be alone!
Are you anything like the man in the video?
Can you commit yourself to your vision for your future?
Will you be determined to make it work because you will work hard to reach your goals?
I do hope so!
I want you to become successful and find your life improving in leaps and bounds.
Do it now!
I am happy that you are reading this today.
Gordon Mitchell Cashtier


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