Knowledge is key. Knowledge withheld is a crime!


What is the most important subject on planet Earth?

What is the greatest cover up in the history of mankind?

Are you brave?

(No need to worry, as there is plenty of other subject matter that is far less complex and that does not require nerves of steel)


What, for the most part, has been purposefully hidden from society, and by whom, and why?
If such a thing is of such critical importance to the survival and ‘ascendancy’ of mankind, should it not be researched, proof found, and be written about with the utmost urgency?

Why am I asking these questions?

Because, the answers to those questions, that are Infinite, can be your way forward, and lead to your own creation of a business that would serve mankind and you!
Answering those questions is paramount to the survival of our species, and to your ability to create a lasting and value filled service that will be welcomed by so many people. They probably don’t realize it yet, but they need what you are going to create and offer to them!
Whatever a persons belief, non-belief or faith, you will see that there is nothing wrong with that person having that faith. A problem only occurs when a person perceives something that makes them do something that can either be amazingly good, or terribly bad. Therefore, the faith is just that; faith! A person worshiping a concrete idol is not to be scorned, but should be looked on with interest, or not. It’s when that person does something related to their faith or belief, or lack of it, that impacts others around them that needs to be considered, be it for good or bad. Whatever that person does is based on their perceptions, and often times, can-not be understood by others who know little or nothing of that faith or lack of it, or of that person taking their perceived notions, and acting upon them.
The person acting on their perceptions of something that they see or feel from within their understanding of their belief or faith, and perceiving that they must do a specific thing based on their perceptions, is what is to be looked at and considered as either good or bad for society in general. The actual faith is not the cause of what a person does, it is the person who is the cause of what they do based on their perceptions, and a boulder worshiping person on one continent who does something so terrible to another person on that continent is to blame, not the boulder worshipping person on another continent. Therefore, the boulder worshipers are not to blame for another boulder worshipers actions, and they should not be blamed or considered accountable for the others actions.
A person drowning does not reject the hand that reaches beneath the waters and pulls them to safety. Would a person drowning ask their rescuer if they worship red boulders or white boulders, than decide whether or not to accept vital assistance based on the answer meeting with their own belief? No way!
If a person is going to write about something, should that something not be of Infinite Value to all?

The pen writes the words, the man wields the sword. Why blame the words at all?

The greatest truth unveils the greatest mystery, and if withheld from society, it becomes the greatest secret. If hiding the greatest truths from mankind makes it the greatest secret, then that would make it the greatest wrong perpetuated upon mankind.
Writing about such a secret, or mystery, and especially the greatest truth withheld from mankind, therefore, becomes the greatest challenge and more importantly, the greatest obligation that there could ever be!
There can be no wrong in uncovering such truths that would enhance the values of other people, and for using that knowledge as the foundation for business.
Never the less, it is of paramount importance, that those receiving such knowledge be provided that; in ways that they too can benefit and gain values from it. Infinity value is primary in all matters beneficial to all peoples.
If value stops moving, it is not Infinite, and therefore, constant movement of such knowledge is paramount. Those greatest truths, mysteries, and/or secrets, are Infinite, and I am in absolutely no doubt of that.

The Big Issue!

When I ask people if they can think of something to write about that is of immense value to everyone on the planet, most don’t have a good answer at all. Some say that writing about health issues, and how to make money would be a good subject, but for the most part, all of that has been written about, and is low on the priority list where survival is concerned, and that leaves a ton of information to wade through in order to find something new to say and to write about.
When I tell people that there is something so devastatingly factual that is effecting mankind and that is being pushed to one side, and then I tell them what that is, they look at me as though I am totally nuts! I don’t blame them one bit, as I understand that most people have been either brainwashed into accepting whatever academia has forced upon them, or that they have just not had the actual facts shown to them.
So, what the heck am I talking about, and what is it that the world needs to know, and what truths should be opened up to the inhabitants of this, our amazing ‘living’ home? Colossus Of Rome, Italy, and the colossus of Apennines.
Giants 2.5 miles high. Dragons over 1000 miles long. Serpents that cover entire areas that we populate, and beaches strewn with massive creatures hundreds of miles long that are reptile, animal, and human!
If any of this is actually true, would writing about it not be the most powerful way to become successful and for a person to become noted?
People will call you crazy, you will be pushed to one side, and you might loose friends, but imagine the income that you might generate when writing about such things, and when you prove that what you are saying is actual fact, you will be ahead of the game!

Can Cancer Be Prevented Or Stopped!
You must do the research and decide for yourself, as the law does not allow me to make any bold statements about this. There is a ton of information on this subject and some people are very brave and say that there is a cure for Cancer, or that Cancer can be prevented entirely. Prove them right or prove them wrong, but be in business while you are doing so. There is no shame in making money this way, because with the Cashtier ideology, whomever you sell information to, can also do as you do.
There is so much that we do not know, and so much that we do know, but that is purposefully withheld from society, and it is that, that you should research and clarify, expound, and declare to the whole world!
Before you consider me to be insane, check my sources, and do some serious work to prove me wrong, or prove me right. But, do the work! Don’t believe a word that I or anyone else says, without exhaustive research. But If you find something that you are convinced is factual, then write about it. Publish it, and generate income from it, by allowing others to do the exact same as you. If you made a Dollar from your work, then whomever you sell it to should also make a Dollar. Otherwise, and except for the value of the information that you have shared that should belong to the other persons anyway, your information is not balanced value shared.
For instance. If you find information that will help people to avoid serious illnesses such as Cancer and Autism, then write about it, publish it, make money from it, and be sure that the people that you are receiving that money from can do just as you have done. In my opinion, you don’t make money because of the information that you publish, you make money from the person who buys that information from you, and the value is in the fact that that person can also sell the information, and on it should go from person to person. Information belongs to everyone, and should not be withheld at all!

Imagine this.

A man walks into a nice hotel and asks for a room for the night.
He is told that the room will cost him 100 Dollars.
The man asks to see the room first, to make sure that it is suitable for him, and the hotel clerk asks that the man leave the 100 Dollars on the counter as a deposit while he is shown the room, and if he likes it, he can then stay in the room.
The man does this, and leaves the 100 Dollars on the counter and is escorted by the bell clerk to see the room.
While he is away, a man walks into the hotel and approaches the counter and identifies himself as the electrician that did some work for the hotel a week ago, and when asked for the bill for the work, the total amount for that work is shown as 100 Dollars.
The reception clerk accepts the receipt for the bill, and for convenience hands the electrician the 100 Dollars that the first man had left on the counter.
The electrician then walks out of the hotel and goes across the street to a local garage where his car is being repaired.
He asks the mechanic when the car will be ready for him to collect, and how much the bill will be for the work done. He is told 100 Dollars, and this he happily pays with the 100 Dollars that he received from the hotel for the electrical work he had done there.
He agrees to come back later and collect the car, the bill having now been paid.
The mechanic is happy, and he walks out of the garage and goes across the street to a block of apartments, and pushes one of the speaker door bells on the wall next to the main entrance door. The voice of a young lady is heard from the speaker box, and he tells her who he is. The young lady says that she will be right down, and after a few minuets, she opens the door and stands casually leaning against the door frame smiling at the man.
The man shyly thanks the young lady for the special service that she had provided for him a few nights ago, and he asks her how much he owes her for that. The young lady tell him 100 Dollars, and he happily hands it over to her, thanks her very much, and smilingly leaves her, heading back to the garage to finish the work on the electricians car.
The young lady looks at the 100 Dollars, and steps out onto the street heading for the hotel, where she nervously enters and whispers to the desk clerk that she would like to pay for the room that she had used a few nights ago. The desk clerk tell her 100 Dollars, and the young lady happily uses the 100 dollars from the mechanic, and pays the bill and leaves the hotel.
The desk clerk puts the 100 Dollars on the counter, and the man who had asked to see the room earlier so that he could decide if it was what he wanted, appeared at the desk, stating that the room wasn’t suitable for him. The desk clerk tells him that is not a problem, and hands him the 100 Dollars that is on the counter, that in fact, was the original 100 Dollars that he had placed there earlier.
The moral of the story is, that the 100 Dollars that was originally a deposit for an hotel room; had paid for electrical work in the hotel, the repair of a car in the garage across the street, and also the services of the young lady, and finally for the hotel bill that the young lady owed. But, the man who had placed it on the counter, still had the 100 Dollars!
Does this not tell us that there is something fundamentally wrong with the world-wide monetary system? Could you write about that and generate income? Could the person that you sell your book to also generate income by doing the same as you?
You spend 100 Dollars creating your book, and sell a copy of the book for 100 Dollars, over and over again, and the buyer also makes 100 Dollars over and over again, and so it goes on!
I will continue to state that in my opinion, it’s not just about the money. It’s about people serving each other and caring for society and for the benefit of all.

Knowledge is key. Knowledge withheld is a crime!

An expression, by Gordon Mitchell 2019

Information used from outside sources is for the benefit of the reader, and is not directly linked to my work and/or opinions.