The Secret

Is there a secret to making money?

Can we just visualize it and it will come to us?

I don’t think so, BUT!

In my opinion!

There is a way that the knowledge of a secret will make it possible for anyone to have what they want, but where is it, what is it, and how can we get it?
It’s complicated, it can be frustrating, and yet, I believe that the knowledge of the fact that there WAS a secret is being explored more openly than ever before, and that the secret has always been exactly where it is, by design!

Knowledge is power!

But there is something else!

So many people fail to see or understand that whatever they are looking for is within them!
That something, will be revealed to Cashtier Infinity Tier7 members, from within the Cashtier Manual.
There is in fact something else that is even more powerful and more easily understood.
What is the greatest commodity on Earth?

People power!

The enthusiastic, true grit, I will do it people. Filled full of the RIGHT emotions kind of people. People with the knowledge that the secret is at the tips of their fingers, and waiting to be used by them.
We know this to be true, we see it everyday, but we especially see it where there is danger, or conflict.
We see it in sorrow and sadness when people fight through their grief so bravely. We see it when we share sorrow. When Princess Diana died, just about everyone who existed then, shared in that time of gut wrenching heart breaking emotion that is more powerful than any secret on the planet Earth.

People power!

The power that moves mountains, that saves a soul who is in peril. Where does that power come from? How is it possible that ordinary people can achieve so much in so many amazing ways?
There is only one secret in my opinion, and that is the absolute fact that each and every person in Creation is an absolute marvel! A unique, amazing, valuable, precious, and powerful Human Being!
We perhaps need reminding from time to time by other people telling us that there are secrets here and there that can bring you everything that you want, but I believe that we (YOU) already have it! You have the power to do anything that you wish to, and the switch is in your HEAD!
Someone is in peril, and perhaps drowning BOOM somebody sees it, and BOOM off with the I can’t, off with the what if I myself get killed, and BOOM the power of the inner being swells up and the hulk is revealed! BOOM all negative thoughts are shelved for that moment. So what does that mean?
It means that we are already endowed with all that we require to complete any mission that we set ourselves, and believe in strongly enough.
Rather than share my life story with you here, let me just say that I have been so far down, I could not see the light at all! Yet ‘something inside so strong’ lifted me up and out once again. That something tore at me, called out to me, grew inside me until I re-emerged, bringing so much more out of myself and into the light once again. That power is not mine, was not mine, but it is there! You have the power, and life teaches us just how to embrace it, and in gratitude, use that power with conviction.

Wheels within wheels!

There are those who prophesy that the Earth will be destroyed by nuclear war, by an asteroid colliding with the planet, by the melting of the ice caps, by the Annunaki returning to Earth, and of course there is the planet Nibiru to consider!
Those people are NEGATIVE, and we should remain POSITIVE, that whatever the mind creates in negativity, we can be assured that there is an opposite and (at least) equal force of positivity.
As we learn more and become more enlightened, those so called secrets are better understood, and although we do need to be reminded of them, and perhaps be re-awakened from time to time, the fact of the matter is, that the secret is within each and every one of us.

A secret no longer!

When I wrote Value Enhancement Technology V.E.Tech, I did so because I felt compelled to do so!
Something from within me pushed against my negativity and drove me to re-evaluate my life, and to think more of the plight of others who have, will, and still do, struggle with the complexities of life.
I understood from the lessons that my life taught me, that there is a shortage of VALUE in so many ways.
If I value you more than ever, and you value me more than ever, then we help, protect, and share those values together. We don’t want to destroy something that we value! The problem is, that the negative peoples of the Earth, always will! They do not see or understand VALUE in an enlightened way. They seek only to satisfy that negative emotion within them.
The good news is, that more and more people are awaking from the trap of negativity, of procrastination, of, I will never get out of the doldrums! More and more people are becoming enlightened and are beginning to see that the POWER is within each and every one of us to bring about those changes that will push away the negative, allowing us to ‘climb every mountain, forge every stream, follow every rainbow, until we find our dreams!’ We know it when we see it, we can feel it when we turn away from the doom-sayers, and we can most certainly use PEOPLE POWER whenever we choose to do so.

There is more than one way to achieve success!

We just choose one that makes sense to us. We trust ourselves, and never give in. We ride it till the wheels fall off! Then we do it again until we find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 
My way is Value Enhancement Technology, and the Cashtier Infinity Tier7 way. I am on a journey, and if I can help make it possible for someone to improve the way that they think and progress, then I have given some value to that person, and am satisfied.
Cast of the wheels of negativity.
Cast of the thought of self doubt.
believe in self

Self doubt?

Take a wheel of creative positive hope, and look inside for the power that you need. It’s there, and it always has been.

Use it now!

Be inspired, and prepare your mind for great things to come.

You can do this.

You should do this!

You have the power to succeed or fail, and I too believe that the secret is in the communications between the conscious and subconcious mind.  Close the door on doubt, and open the door to the ultimate possibilities. I have created the Cashtier Tier7 business system, and guess what? You could very well create something even greater than I when using it!
Quote: “Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement”. 
Golda Meir
I will point you to a special secret within the Cashtier Manual. If you don’t see it, ask!
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