Value Enhancement Technology

Value Enhancement Technology

By Gordon Mitchell Tier7

You are a Valuable Human Being!
It is time that you knew just how Valuable!
It is time to find the success that you deserve.

How is life treating you?
Is nothing working for you?
Is your life full of values?

Are you ready to be released from the burden of guilt which holds you in its fearsome grip reducing your ability to compete and reach success?
Are you prepared to take a fresh look at why so many people fail without the knowledge of

Are you truly awake?

Are you beginning to see the world as it really is?

Do you think that something stinks?

Please read on!

Why can’t you become successful? You can!
Why can’t you have all that you desire? You can!

I have written this book to help to provide information which could open your eyes to reality as I see it. It is my hope that those who read my book, will find within it, a way to success by learning a certain secret that is never hidden, just not made obvious.
If you have purchased this book, you have given me something of value. You’re money!
I wish to give you something of value in return for your money.
This will become more obvious as you read on.

You have a choice to make!
A decision to make!

Please note: the contents of this book might conflict with some people’s political and/or religious persuasion. While it is not my intention to offend the virtuous, this document will undoubtedly meet with some considerable resistance from those who either knowingly or unknowingly destroy value’s, instead of creating them.

This book is not aimed at promoting religion
Neither will I allow for my viewpoint to go unsaid

As you will see this book allows for personal belief, as long as the believer is not a prisoner to those who control other’s lives by any means, be it religion or politics or force of any kind, and be it mentally or physically.
V.E.Tech is dedicated to all the value seekers, whose desire is to give value to others
First of all, I would like to share a 2-part dream that I had some years ago.
I awoke in the early hours of the morning, and in darkness scribbled down the words that were racing through my mind. Then I awoke a second time, and did the same again!
What I had not realized, was the fact that the first half was to become the second half, and the second half was to become the first half! In fact, I fell back to sleep, and it all became very clear to me when I finally awoke at my normal time.

I had a dream

There is but one God
All seeing
All knowing
Limitless and never ending
If we can’t trust anyone else, we can trust Him!
There is no darkness!
It is light hidden by the reflection of its other side.
If a room or place was in absolute and complete darkness, and the smallest speck of light was introduced, then the speck of light would be dominant and would overpower the darkness.
If a room was in absolute light, then no amount of darkness would quench it.
And if a speck of the same size was in such a place, then the speck of darkness would not be seen.
Thus, light is the only reality, and darkness but a vision of light in temporariness, for such is its life requirement.
A star from millions of miles away sending  and  reflecting light, can be seen in the dark night by the naked eye because of its dominant power.
A darkness of the same size cannot be seen by the eye in any way, or by any means, for the light of day is completely great to its ultimate power.
Therefore, the darkness does not exist, nor can it, for the darkness is light by its other facet.
Darkness before, during, and after its transformation, is in any respect, light!
Death is the metamorphosis.
A stopping heart – The catalyst – Between the old and the new.
Sorrow is the awakening of the knowledge of a continued, (further) existence, entwined with the limitlessness of this earthbound life.
Hearken to your heart oh proud one!
For the door to a complete understanding, is but a tear away!
The conflict between logic and true reality is but wasted time in the search for what already is!
We are!
I am!
You are!
And being you, I love me, as you being I, love you!
All that was, is come, and is!
All that is thought of was, and in it’s coming, is now!
Darkness is not!
For it is light in another aspect, and by another view of the awesome absoluteness and potency of light!
Should there be absolute darkness, then there could be no meaningful, or relevant, or intelligent awareness of existence.
But where there is light, there is life in its many forms, be it literal or metaphorical.
Light is life giving!
Light is life sustaining!
Light is life enhancing!
Without light we cannot exist!
Without darkness, we can!
Let there therefore, be light!

Peace unto to you!

No matter what faith or religion you hold to, no matter what nationality you are, you either accept you’re God as a God of love and peace, or a God of hate and war. There can be no in between!
If you believe that your God is the Creator of the whole of space and time, and if you believe that your God is the Creator of all forms of life, in particular, human life, then you cannot agree that any person should ever be killed for any reason what-so-ever!
One Person Creates all peoples of this Earth.
That person is God the Creator. Who fills the inter-spaces of the galaxies!
Whatever name you have for God as you see Him, you must agree that it is not logical for the children of God to kill another child of God.
Because there are so many religions, there have been countless conflicts throughout time. This goes on today all over the world, and we, the so-called wise people of the 21st century, continue to kill each other which is contrary to the wishes of the Creator, whatever faith you place Him at the head of.
If you look closely at the problems that exist around the world, you will see that it is almost always one nation or political party that sends its people into conflict against others. Whereas, those same people not knowing of the existence of a problem between them, would normally continue to respect each other and live in peace.

So what is the problem?

The problem is that the governments of this our earthly home, have used religious and political means against the inhabitants of the earth, in order to gain controls over them for whatever gains they pursue.
The peoples of the world are made up of gangs.
If you are not part of the gang, you are considered to be anti-your government or faith, and thus, believed to be a rebel.
There are a lot of people today that realize that the problems of the world are created by the governments, not the people!
A lot of people today, realize also, that the leaders of many religions are the major cause of division within society.
The knowledge of the above two facts, reveal the truth that, if you were to take one person from every religion and put them onto a ship on the high seas, and if that ship was to flounder on a deserted island, those people would work together to help each other regardless of what they believed!
How many times throughout history have you seen proof that people of all races and religions have risked their lives to save someone in peril without a thought for their own safety, regardless of the possibility of the other person being of a different race – creed – or – colour? Countless times indeed!
Therefore, the solution to the problems throughout the world lays in the very essence of fundamental brotherhood under one Creator. This does not mean that I accept that all religions are in the light, but that all peaceful peoples of the Earth can work together united in the struggle for peace.
It is a very serious error to put politics-faith-creed-colour or anything else before the well-being of another human being created from the same source.
Regardless of whatever name you give to God as you know Him, there can be absolutely no good reason to hurt or kill anyone!
God will not forgive the intentional taking of another person’s life for whatever reason.
If you disagree with me, then you are not spiritually connected to the Creator.
If on the other hand you do agree with me, then do not take part in, join sides with, or vote into office, any person or government, or religious body, giving them the power to kill on your behalf.
How often in the past, has an army gone to war, and the people not really know what the war is all about?
I have heard people say that they don’t understand what the fight is about! So how can we allow others to make such decisions on our behalf when we don’t agree with the taking of life for any reason?
It is wrong, immoral, unjust, and against the fundamental reason for God creating each and every one of us!

There is another way!

Very simply, voice your opinion to all, that you will not remain affiliated to any person, faith, or party who does not condemn violence of any kind.
No religion from the Creator can take another life for any reason!
We the people of the Earth should join together under the Creator, to combat all evil intent.
We should unite under the one God of love, and stop all forms of violence and crime.
Tell your leaders or government or religion, that you wish to be at peace with your neighbor, and that you wish to embrace peace only! If everyone thought peace and never thought of war, peace would exist, and war would not!

Let us live in the light!

Do you know how valuable you are?
Do you know that you are a very precious human being with limitless potential?
Do you actually understand how marvellous you really are, and that you can do and be anything that you want?

Every single human being on this amazing planet is an absolute marvel!

You and I, and every person are astonishingly wonderful and so full of the same stuff that makes up the whole of the universe. Everything that you see and feel is energy. All that exists is in constant vibration and nothing is actually solid. From the rocks on the beach, to the waters that fill our oceans, to the precious you, are all in constant motion and in constant contact with everything else that exists.
Your value is without measure, and no other person is more unique than you. You have the ability to change your life to anything that you wish. you only have to decide what it is that you want to do or wish to be, or would want in your life, and if you believe it strongly enough, and believe that whatever it is, is an absolute fact and real, then you can do it, be it, or have it!
Quote: “Continuous effort – not strength of intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential” Winston Churchill.
You need to believe in yourself and see what you want believing that it is actually yours, in order that it is made manifest in your life.
Quote: “you create your own universe as you go along.” Winston Churchill.
If we think of debt, war, violence, sadness, or anything at all, then they exist. If none of those exist in our thoughts, whatever is then in our thoughts exists.
Continuously visualizing whatever you want and stepping out to meet it will undoubtedly bring it to you. Whatever you create in your mind and believe to be so, will enter your life. The universe is you and all that is in existence. You are a part of the universe and therefore you are one with the Creator. Whatever you think will come upon you. If you think of failure, then you will have failure. If you think of sickness, then you will be sick. Whatever values the universe, it is your value because you are irrefutably part of the total energy of the universe, and so you must reach out with your mind, and take a step towards your destiny.
Quote: “if your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it!” Jonathan Winters.
The most important thing to remember is that you must value all others as you value yourself in order that negativity leaves your life, and positivism moves in to take its place. Give and you will receive, seek and you will find. Gratitude and love pouring out from you will –without a doubt- bring the same values into your life.

You are about to see the wood
Not the trees!

My dreams have always been vivid and I remember them clearly. The dream that each person should have the opportunity to provide for themselves and those that they care about means that whoever you are and wherever you live and whatever your faith might be, you can –without conflict of mind- work to better your situation.
Often the problem is that we struggle to find ways to improve our lives because we can’t find the truth, because those that have wealth often hide it from us to protect themselves and so that they have power due to the fact that they have more than we do.
The strangest thing is the fact that, the truth is so easy to see when it is explained to you the way that it is in this book.
Sometimes, we can look too hard for ways to progress and reap values.
Please do not rush through the following pages. Take your time.
Allow the simple and obvious truth’s to enter your mind.
There are good reasons for all that you are about to read. So read on, and enjoy the book. Then when you have finished it, think about all that is written within.
Please do not judge until you have grasped the conspicuous value of its content.
If you then find that you have any difficulty in understanding it, please contact me
I will welcome any questions, and give all the help that I can.

The struggle

For many years, I have watched the members of the public as they struggle to maintain a reasonable standard of living. It has become evident that, quite often, many of the people (including myself), have suffered because they did not have what was required to live a happy and comfortable life?
You will see for yourself that people all over the world have often died, because they were denied the means to sustain life.
Those people who have given everything to help their country in the many wars around the world. Some of them are quite elderly, and they are often treated with the contempt that they do not deserve.
The only people, who will argue with me on this point, are the “guilty” people.
The continued miss-government of our very valuable world will without a doubt, drain the “ordinary” people, of their health-wealth-and happiness.
It is obvious that society throughout the world is a class society.
Although many bureaucrats will say that this, “ours” is a class-less society.

We know that to be a load of rubbish!

Because it is in the best interest of many governments of this world to keep the masses down, they will always continue to blame “us” for everything, when the truth is, that “we” are definitely “not” to blame!
The state of such countries is the responsibility of the governments of those countries.
The economy of each and every country is the responsibility of the (so called) governors of those countries.
We vote them in! They drain the life energy from our weary minds and bodies.
They destroy the values that we strive so hard to obtain.
We want progress! (Look at the 60s era)
We want to break the boundaries of space: time: and poverty. We have always tried so hard to do better. To do right! To follow the leaders!
Just take a look at the world today! All over the world, we see the continuing decay that some governments have not even come close to stemming. Talks after talks, leader after leader, war after war! One particular faith against another, and often against itself!
The millions of people who have suffered and died!
It is happening even now as you read this document.

It is so very wrong! It has got to stop!

Don’t be miss-led by the seemingly wonderful pulling down of walls here and there!
There is walls “concrete” “political” “class”. So many walls, that to mention more, would depress you, and make you so sad, that you would not enjoy the benefits of this document.
The real truth is that there should have been no walls at all between the people of the Earth. “But the past is the past” so they say, and at what a cost?
Now though, it is obvious that so many people around the world are looking for the answer to this devastating, and fatally flawed governorship of our precious planet.
It is up to each and every individual to speak out to his or her so-called-leaders.
We have to let them know that enough is enough!
If you have good leaders or a good government that is of peace, and that serve the whole community well, then by all means support them. But if not, then do not!
What do the leaders want? Money – power – control – ego – satisfaction!
Or do they really want the “people” to have equal benefits? You can answer these questions yourself!
You are entitled to your opinion and me to mine! Or are we?
It is not my intention to put down the genuine good people, who are among the bad.
The good know who they are! As for the bad, the good know who “they” are!

Answer these questions.

What heads of state in any country are mega rich?
What church leaders of any faith are mega rich?
What government leaders in any country are mega rich?
Do you know of any people anywhere who are, starving to death?
Dying of thirst?
Suffering from treatable diseases?
Sleeping in cardboard boxes?
Living in tents?
Living in damp freezing conditions?

The list goes on and on!

“But it’s a class-less society”——– utter nonsense!
But what has this got to do with me? You might ask.

What has all of this got to do with the value that you are talking about you might also ask. All in good time! It is important that I draw the picture as I see it, to enable me to lead you to the point where you will hopefully see that success is reachable, and the key to this is within this book.
It is necessary for you to see why you might not be successful, in order to see how you can be successful.
To answer the above question, “but what has it got to do with me?”
It has a lot to do with you, and me! Unless you are mega rich! In which case, return this book for a full refund. I don’t want your money!
Unless -of course- you intend to help others and your intentions are good!
Anyone who is mega rich, “must” make it his or her duty to create: give: make: and provide: value for those who are not able to do so due to the restraints put upon them by the greedy overlords!

Let me ask you this!

Why do we -the masses- wave to, and cheer the people with vast fortunes?
Why do we -the masses- bow our heads to those who sit on utter obscene riches, as we struggle to make ends meet?
Why do we the -major value givers- allow bad and failing governments to remain in power, and yet we continue to vote them in?
A close friend said to me some time ago, (quote) “it seems that we are free to do as we are told” (unquote)
Well I was one of the masses. One of the people who cheered! I bowed! I voted!
I tried to be of value to my country, and voted along with the rest, in the vain hope of a happy and prosperous future. Still it gets worse not better!
Only for the fact that I have continued to search for the answer, and although I have given up many times, I have picked myself up once again and I have remained open to the truth. This truth came to me in the form of a gift, even though I paid for the discovery of a lifetime! From the written words of that discovery, I was led gently and happily along the path of brilliant and profound truths to an oasis of wondrous realities.

I looked.
I listened.
I saw!
Value Enhancement Technology (


This can then bring about, an inter-exchange to the value of all right minded people, who use the contents of this document wisely, and intend to help others on the journey.

Consider the following.

I am an individual. You are an individual. Every person on this Earth is an individual.
Singular, unique, and very valuable!
If you are a good person——-and I hope that you are!
If you are not a cheat——-and I hope that you are not!
If you are ready to spread the good news to countless millions——-and you must be this! Then you will see that, what follows, can give you, and those countless millions, the real opportunity to gain untold value enhancement in its many forms!
Yes this information could be used to the selfish person’s advantage!
Yes the odd miserable reprobate could exploit this information!
But I know that there are a lot of genuine honest caring people out there, and it is to you that this document is dedicated.
Should more genuine value givers and receivers gain wealth, power, and equality: on a grand scale, this would in turn make the mega rich end of our crumbling society less powerful, less rich than we, and less class high than the masses!
So it is the purpose of this document, to give each and every individual, the opportunity to close in on those mega rich value takers, and lead genuine value givers to equality!

No more the underdogs!
No more the poor and powerless!
No more the lower class!
No more starving throughout the world!

Those who stop us from progressing must be asked to step aside, and we must have freedom to succeed.
Value gained based on the extent of our efforts!
Call this what you will. I call it unadulterated fair do’s!
In other words, this is in essence, Value Enhancement Technology in its true form.
We can now move closer to what this book has to offer any true value giver.
You will soon see that it is possible to succeed in the many different areas of your life.
You will see that it is possible to gain, not only wealth, but also in self-worth, and by helping others, a greater sense on achievement.
Helping others is quite possibly the most fulfilling way to find happiness. We need to extend the hand of friendship across the void in order to reap the values of achieving the passing on of the greatest gift, that of love for our fellow man.
The simplicity of it all is the very reason why the truth has been missed by so many people for so long.

Can’t see wood for the trees?

I didn’t want to accept that I had been so close to the truth for so long. I didn’t want to allow myself to feel as though I had been missing the obvious!
I thought that I had heard it all before! But I was blind to the obvious!
Surely, the secret is very complicated? It can’t be that simple?
Oh my word but it is!
Do we all believe in and trust our current leaders?
Do you feel that your government values you?
Is it too much to ask, that you have as they have?

Value giver = you!
Value giver = me!
Value giver = everyone who gives this opportunity to others and creates value for them!
You are looking at value enhancement technology!

The technology to create and enhance those actions to benefit yourselves, and those of other people, who need to understand that they are so valuable as human beings, and that there is a way to think that will help them to build self-confidence, and to progress.

You now have the book containing the knowledge of value.

The knowledge that those who oppress the people, and sit in judgment over those who express their feelings, and then because we have had the guts to do so, we are hated and feared by the value takers, who then seek to remove us from appoint of vision!
Those who take away any opportunities from the masses, to better themselves, are the ones who must be removed from their seats of power by using the knowledge of *truth* *never violence* *by using value enhancement technology*

Value = worth
Valued = prized
Valuable = precious
Valueless = of no value, having no worth.

Here we have the obvious goal.
Cause value = effect value!

(1) The value of what you give is always its true worth.
(2) The quality of your request, determines the response.
(3) The level at, which you perform, you can reach.
(4) Start at the top, not at the bottom.

The knowledge to help

(a)—Remove those who destroy value producers – by political means.
(b)—Build the value of your own life – by giving to as many people that you can reach, this same opportunity.
(c)—By systematically spreading the truth that – the mega rich overlords of the society of earth, must be shown up for their behaviour.
(d)—Realize that, while these – mega rich rulers of this our planet wallow in disgusting wealth, many others all over the world are suffering through,

Violent wars
Not even clean water to drink.
The list goes on and on!

(e)—That you should put – into action in the correct way, and gain value from it. You must make it a very definite point to give freely to those in need.
This means give, not ‘sort of’ give. where there is a need, and you have the opportunity to give in order to fill that need, and you can do this because you have such that you can give, then do what you feel in the depth of your good heart is worthy of you.
(f)—Understand that, by giving freely, you gain value –value -value, and ever increasing value!
*You will be seen to do so = value.
*You will be admired for doing so = value.
*You will gain the value of new friends = value.
*You will gain wealth, and can spread that wealth to others = value.
*you will create value unlimited by building new foundations within the business world. Perhaps you will start up a new company, and employ the poorer people, giving them value. But you must pay them more than they can earn anywhere else!
Also, they must have equal opportunity to progress within the structure of value enhancement technology. This in turn gives ‘you’ more value!
(g)—That you should not make yourself more powerful due to increased wealth, but instead, give value to everyone around you who is in need.
(h)—Become a Robin Hood without robbing anyone, but by making sensible noises against those who do rob the poor in so many ways, to gain more power, and even more riches!
(i)—Never result to violence of any kind, in order to make a point. Instead, spread value loaded opinions, in as big a way as possible.
(j)—Let your value filled consciences dictate to you, how – why – when – and – if you should vote anyone into a position of power, and if you do so, you should go and speak to them first, in order to satisfy yourself that, by voting for that person, you do so for the value of all, and that, that person is a value producer, and not one of the value destroyers.
(k)—Conduct yourself in an orderly, professional, and exemplary manner, in all walks of your life. For example: social, business, and pleasure.
Thus giving value to those you meet along the way.
(l)—Cease to be led, and become a valuable leader. Create business, create jobs, and create happiness!
Create prosperity for the poorer people, and help as many people as is humanly possible to gain in their lives!
(m)—Remember to be proud and satisfied with the new value that you have attained, for such a small cost, in terms of cash outlay.
(n)—Do not begrudge any initial outlay to obtain value enhancement technology. Instead, know that you are giving value to me, as I in turn; have provided a document of value for you.
(o)—Begin as you mean to go on, making sure that you indeed can! Seek help to run your business.
Choose your colleague’s carefully, (avoiding collapse) before value returns to you.
(p)—Do remember to ask me, and/or any other value producer for help, should you feel that things are not going as well as you had hoped.
(q)—That you should never forget the principals of this book, which are as follows.
*No body, or bodies, should ever have the kind of power over anyone else, to the end that, that individual is oppressed, and kept poor.
*That as individuals, (singular human beings) we are all very important, and should be valued as such.
*That it is the purpose of this book to spread happiness, contentment, and peace, to all genuine value seekers!
*To out-voice all mega rich value destroyers, and to help remove them from positions of power, in order that all true value producers are equal to each other.
*To oppose all (political power value destroyers) who use any means to stop things moral, peaceful, and valuable for society as a whole throughout the world, just to suit their (so called) purpose.
*To remember those have given so much in the many wars, and in other ways.
These people are very valuable, and should receive all that they deserve in terms of care, consideration, necessities, and esteem. for they are ultimate value givers!

 For instance,

Our elderly

Our nurses

Our police men and women

Our ambulance men and women

The very wonderful and devoted hospice carers

Good neighbours helping those in need

And many others!


When people grow old, they should not be considered a burden on the state.
How disgusting a phrase!
These elders and value givers should receive many fold, the values that they deserve.
They gave! we must give back!

 What is the secret of success?

 Value Enhancement Technology

(1) Give value.
(2) Give everyone the opportunity to have value.
(3) Give everyone the opportunity to spread value.
(4) Give everyone the opportunity to control the value they give and receive.
(5) In order for to be successful, it must be available to everyone, and if it is obtainable by everyone, then value becomes success.

 Success = value!

Value = success!

Do not doubt the power of Value Enhancement Technology!
What I had been looking for, for so long, was unseen by me. I could not see the wood for the trees!
I had been looking so hard for the answer, that I missed the simplicity of it.
I had to take a huge step back, and look in a new way!
I was working with a blunt axe!
I had to stop the way that I had been told to look.
Then I found true value in value enhancement.
My mind began to open up! my thoughts began to re-evaluate what I was reading and seeing. my awakening came as a shock that then turned to joy!

 I had found the answer to success!

 Value enhancement technology

Success is measured by the amount of people who receive it
I give value!
Value receivers give me value!
The fact that you have received this book means that you now have the opportunity to give and to receive value. the amount that you give and receive is entirely up to you!
Value is often little thought of in the singular form.
Like the marvellous needle! it is of little use without the eye through which you put the thread. how often have you thought of the eye of the needle?
It is the same with many things.

 Take the following for instance

(1) matches.
(2) soap.
(3) batteries.
With matches, we can all have fire.
With soap, we can all be clean.
With batteries, we can all have power.
With this technology, we can all have!
1 match struck: billions sold!
1 bar of soap used: billions sold!
1 battery used: billions sold!

Value Enhancement Technology produced!

I gain,

You gain!

Billions gain!

How many people buy garments such as T shirts etc, that advertise for the companies, showing their logos?
You, instead, should put your own logo on, and receive the *value* yourself!
Now in your hands is (1) thing of value!
Think *mega* value!
All of the things of value are only of real value, if everyone can share them.

 Look around you wherever you are.

What do you see?

Other people’s wealth!

You will understand that just about everything that you see, has been made by someone, and purchased by someone!
(Question) What is the secret to wealth and success?
(Answer) Be a provider of Value Enhancement Technology!
Go and buy a new picture for your living room. Wrong!
Make new pictures for other peoples living rooms. Right!
Buy some face cream. Wrong!
Make face cream for everyone. Right!
Buy and read as many get rich quick schemes as you possibly can, to help you to understand the concepts of success. Wrong!
Use a fully hands on system to physically produce something of value. right! see the Cashtier Tier7 business system at and find value there.
You now have in your hands, which can help to free you from the grip of many unscrupulous people who offer vague and useless false promises, taking you in ever decreasing circles.

The truth is all around you.

It has always been so!

The problem is, the truth is so fragmented: watered down: spasmodic: and sectional-ized. Thus it becomes mixed up in/with, untruth. just the same way that certainty becomes less definite, when taken from multi-directional sources.
When we go down our high street, or go into a shopping centre, and see people shaking a collection box up and down to attract our attention, perhaps for children in need, or for cancer research, what do we do?
(a) Give as much as we can?
(b) Give as little as we can?
(c) Say, “I don’t give on the street”?
(d) Turn away, and walk past grumbling about the seemingly constant rattling of charity boxes wherever we go?
(e) Cross the street to avoid them?
Well I must admit that, in the past, I have been guilty of some of the above!
Until I learned to fully understand that (in the main) to give is to receive!

 To sew is to reap!

After seeing the truth in relation to giving and receiving with, I realized that in order to contribute real value, I had to look at this situation in its proper context.
You see the person with the collection box. you stop what you are thinking about for a few moments, then you e-value-ate this opportunity to receive!
What? Yes, receive!
You see the truth!
You truthfully look at what you have, and you dig into your purse or wallet, and you give all that you can afford!
(Am I beginning to sound biblical?) Well not on purpose.
Knowing that one day -and I hope it never happens- you might need help and support from one of these charities that asks of you now! Thus you receive before you give: as you give: and when you might need it in the future!
You also receive by becoming a value contributor. You gain peace of mind… satisfaction… self-esteem… and so on.
The truth is plain to see when there is no clutter from outside (and inside) interference.
So we have the opportunity, with this example, to see something of the real truth.
That to give Value Enhancement Technology automatically makes value the key to success!

(q) What am I giving to you in this book?

(a) I am giving you the opportunity to see that value giving is the only positive and true way to gain success!

In that you will add value to me by taking this opportunity seriously (and not crossing the street, or turning away) by receiving this opportunity to create value for yourself and others, by giving them something of value, you will automatically receive value!
The book that you are now reading, in very simple terms, is a means by which people from all walks of life, can give and receive

Value Enhancement Technology

The amount that you give and receive is entirely up to you!
Once you become a *promoter* you will have the ability to provide the same opportunity for the countless millions of value starved people, to the amount of your desired outreach!
Work just 1 hour a week, or work 8 hours a day. it is entirely up to you! You will be in full control over your personal give and receive levels.
You will have the opportunity to introduce to all those who respond to your advertisements, as you have done to mine.
Because you are a valued contributor to the concept, you can now begin to give, and to receive the values that you have received from me!

You now have one thing of value!

You now have a product of value!

The secret that was never really hidden is in front of you!

This is a genuine attempt to bring the value of truth to as many people as possible who wish to unite in a positive way.
The goal is to help to re-enlighten each other on the importance of value providing. This will contribute might to the fight, to reduce the strangle hold that the mega rich and the poor leaders around the world have on us!
The opportunities are only limited by the imagination!
As you become more open to, you will see just how simple the concept is!
If you sell piano’s, you must first have piano’s to sell!
If you sell widgets, you must first have widgets to sell!

You now have

Value Enhancement Technology!

Once upon a time, I purchased the rights to promote various sets of self-learning pamphlets. One of them contained the instructions on how to play the guitar.
The pamphlet was -in itself- of value to those wishing to play the instrument.
But I had not grasped the whole concept of how to provide something of value to all the people of the world!
It is inevitable that a sensitive nerve will be touched in most people!
The truth often hurts!
It hurt me too!
But not anymore!
We all have needs!
We should all work together in order to supply value to fill each other’s needs!
(a) Physical needs.
(b) Psychological needs.
(c) Emotional needs.
(d) Intellectual needs.
And so on!

Give a person the opportunity to fill one or more of their needs, and you give value!

You give them the opportunity to give value to others also!

Thus, countless people can receive: give: receive: give: value! to the end that, growth in value can reach such proportions, that those who’s desire it was to control the masses, by the fact that they once had power because they had more “of” value, that we will find that there is an ever growing membership of people who are gaining strength by accumulating value, and as such, are then able to speak with greater authority!

Value enhancement technology is amazing!

We all value something that we own!

We all value something that we think!

Most of us value someone, somewhere!

The greater majority of people do not understand that it is not only possible to enlarge the boundaries of value in their lives, it is essential!
If you are struggling to make progress in your life, and if you just can’t find a way to improve your chances of success, then it is more than likely, that you are either not giving value in the right proportions, or you have not -until now- received the technology of value enhancement!
The technology of value is without a doubt, the most assured way to reach success.
Without a proper knowledge of the technology of value, you will only plod along -unaware- perhaps grasping at the odd opportunity that might pass your way.
With value enhancement technology firmly under your belt -so to speak- you will have it within your power to move along in great leaps and bounds!

 My vision!

As a child, I had such wonderful dreams! those dreams were visions of growing up to be a happy and free person!
I remember that one of my cousins was the proud owner of a little blue toy dinky car.
The car was a 1957 American Cadillac Eldorado Seville coupe.
I would imagine myself, all grown up, and I had this warm rosy feeling, as I would see myself driving down the street where I was born, driving this superb vehicle, very slowly, as my friends would look on, and wave to me.
I could sense the smell of the leather seats, and feel the tires on the road as they turned.
It was a nice and innocent dream.
A dream that I had no doubts would one day come true!
I had dreams of a peaceful life, where I would have many friends, and good neighbours. dreams that there would be opportunities to travel the world, and that I would explore many wonderful lands far away. But this was not to be!

War after war, conflict after conflict, and political and religious row after row!

What happened is typical of what has happened to so many people throughout time.
The governments of the world, both spiritual and physical, who instead of running the different countries in harmony with the rest of the world, have instead caused conflicts and disharmony to our lives.
Who instead of creating lasting peace that brings untold values to our lives, have instead taken away the true values, reducing our worth, and belief in happiness and prosperity. Failing to provide safety, and of building lasting worldwide harmony.

Dreams shattered. hopes lost!

The governments of the world have not sorted things out yet!

But hey!

Give them time!

They will work it out soon!

Dream on!

I have been dreaming on and on ever since.
Waiting, and hoping expectantly for peace on Earth.
For the new governments to begin to bring happiness: prosperity: and the opportunity for everyone to reach their dreams.
Dreams about the desperately needed equality for all of the peoples of the earth, and an end to wars all over the planet.

What are the religious leaders doing?

Telling us to do as we are told by those who govern the Earth, and that it was not for us to argue or to judge these so called leaders. We are to leave it to higher authority to deal with them in time!
Sold down the river!
All of the values that I dreamed of
All of the hopes that I had built up inside me
All of the trust that I had placed in the leaders of my country, and the world
All have been shattered into tiny pieces’ time and again!
The governments are still arguing between themselves, while the situation grows worse by the minute.
The countless religions and their variations are still split after thousands of years of trying to get it right!

A new time is approaching

A time where the peoples of the earth will regain the power of mutual values
They will do this through receiving the technology to do so!
The strength that I have as an individual is limited only by the vision of excellence that drives me onward to the realization of my goal!
My goal as an individual is to bring to as many people as possible, in order to help bring about a shift in the way the world is run!
A shift from random shots in the dark, to a more thoughtful and peaceful directive.
There are many ways that the resources of this -our world- can be better used.
There are better ways to protect the ever-diminishing natural resources within the seas and upon the land, and to enable all peoples of our Earth to enjoy the wonderful values that we are entitled to. This document is a vehicle upon which, those who are without the value that they deserve, can travel confidently to the realization of their uttermost dreams.
Also, and very importantly, with, all can share in its wonderful benefits.
All can begin to regain the multitudinous values long since lost under the pressures of persuasion put upon us from our childhood.

Who are the persuaders?

By joining together in a cause to give value and to receive value, in such ways that all can rise to positions of greater value, then in peaceful and constructive ways, move to replace the takers: users: abusers: and destroyers of this our world, with those who will bring equality: balance: mutuality: and value to each and every person living on this, our Earthly home.


 The Earth belongs to each and every one of us!

The fact that it is in such a mess, is without a doubt, the fault of the -so called- leaders of the world! just about every government in history has blown it to the point, that the world is still at war!
Can you think of a particular form of government that is running any country so well that all of the people are receiving equal values?
Is there happiness just around the corner?
With, yes!

The vision of Value Enhancement Technology

The vision, to some, is perhaps childlike.
This is a typical destructive evaluation of the concept.
The vision is only of value because of the fact that it is childlike.
This means unencumbered! (not cluttered with adult influence)
 Give a child a pile of bricks and ask him or her to build a wall. What does the child do?
Ask you for some cement?
Ask you for a spirit level?
Tell you that he needs to dig a hole into the living room floor in order to put in the foundations?
The child will build you a wall!
Not a very straight one perhaps,
Not a very safe one.
Perhaps the wall will fall down a few times before the child can get it to stay up for a couple of tremulous moments!
still there you have it. a wall in all its glory!
And a little child who is full of pride, and who looks to you for your approval!
Until a child is brainwashed into believing that:
A man comes down the chimney once a year at Christmas time:
The fairies creep into the bedroom and exchange money for his little teeth:
If the child is not good, the bogey-man (ghost) will come and get him, and other such nonsense. until that time, the child is free from the guilt and systematically induced encumbrances of the already pre-programmed minds of most adults!
The famous saying!
We are what we eat!
This also means:
That we are what we take into our minds!
A play on words perhaps, but never the less, it is true!
Give a fear in youth.
Give a mystical belief.
Give a whole mess of mixed political illusions.
Give mind warping visions of a bearded man in red climbing down the chimney (If you even have one)
Give awful fears of ghosts and invisible fairies that have free access to the child’s bedroom?
What do you end up with?
A person who has mixed up emotions?
A person with fears that live with them all of their lives, and who pass it on to their children?
If we want the best for our children, and we want them to turn out to be guilt free, unencumbered and, and valuable, we must make it possible for them to receive, in order that they know that there is a far better way to live without feeling that they are controlled by one religion or another, and one political policy or another!
Every religious belief, and there are many!
Every political belief, and there are many!
All say that theirs is the truth!
If any one of them is the truth!
Then which one is it?
And prove it!
They can’t all be right!
But they all say that they are!
No wonder our children are confused!
No wonder the world is in such a mess!

Let there therefore be light!

 It is time to wise up!

We owe it to the future of our children, and to the whole of the peoples of world, to do away with, the mind twisting governments and confusing religions, that are pushing and shoving the society of mankind into absolute and utter oblivion!
I mean, come on! The world, and all the life upon it, is being destroyed!
Is it wrong that we wish to rid ourselves of the destroyers?
Are we not entitled to desire a happy: fruitful: and long life?
To a life that is not controlled by someone else?
There is a better way, and we must see to it that we take it!


Because of the wonderful revelations leading to freedom from the guilt of ages past, and because of the truth becoming more obvious as we approach the dawn of reality, it is very evident, that the oppressor’s of the growth and freedom of mankind, are on their way out! With this in mind, we can now cease to feel guilty, and regain the wonder of our youth. Those dreams which have been systematically quashed and removed from our minds, the minds of hope, which have been so badly treated over the years by the overlords, who we have been led to believe were leading us to a promised land full of all good things.
They have not kept their promises! They never will!
So now, with a new spring in our step, and moving into adulthood, and with the benefit of maturity, it is of paramount importance, to bring out the good and mutually beneficial values that each promoter has within his or her person.
It is said that within each person there is at least one good book!
It is with this quote in mind, that the success of is assured.
Each valued promoter of value enhancement technology has it within their power, to think: act: provide: and receive value, on a mutual basis, by making available to as many people as possible!

I am just one voice!

 A contribution to all from me!

Who am I?

It matters not who I am!

What does matter though, is the fact that i am trying with all of my might, to give value enhancement technology to as many people as possible, in the hope that as an individual of value, i can help to place before you, a superb way to improve your lives. the way!

So who am I again?

I am a value giver!

There are millions of vacancies for value givers!


The widget

What is a widget?
I have no idea! but!
For instance
If a person purchased a widget for let’s say… £10.00 GBP.
With the purchase of the widget, the person has full rights to resell it for the price of £15.00 GBP
(For the ease of this example… I will use “you” as the person in question)
You then purchase again and then sell 2 widgets. you have begun to make valuable profit (Forget about the cost of producing the widgets etc… This is just an example)
You then go on to sell 1000 widgets. This brings even more value to you, to the amount of £5,000 GBP, and the widget maker has gained too!


Now forget about the widget!

Because it does not matter what it is that you are selling, as long as it is something of value to all!
You have gained terrific value.
Now you require help in selling such amounts of something.
Give value to those you would share the something with!
Show them in action giving them more value by way of sharing equally the knowledge of value produced by providing something of value!
You sell 100,000 somethings in your new mode of operation, and you see that you’re something has produced £500,000 GBP to provide excellent value for you and all you share it with. The widget maker has gained, you have gained, and the person to whom you have sold it to has also gained value enhancement technology, (a way to gain value) and they can also sell the widgets and gain value too!
This can be the same with many other products that provide value to others.
By the fact that I have provided you with a document of value enhancement technology, and that I am making it possible for you to provide the same for as many people as you wish, I am receiving value from you in terms of money, friendship, and the satisfaction that I am offering a way for the peoples of the earth to rid themselves of the chains of the control of the mega rich overlords of this earth who are leading us to destruction!
You can now do the same if you would like to promote this book to others around the world.
By the fact that you will be giving value to those who purchase from you, you receive value from them!
They in turn receive a document of value from you, and go on to receive value from those who purchase from them!
This makes you a receiver of value from me…
This makes your contacts a giver of value to you…
This makes you a receiver of value from them!
This makes them givers of value to those who receive from them…
This makes them receivers of value from those to whom they have sold

And on it will go!

This is Value Enhancement Technology!

The importance of a book that can enhance the values of so many individuals such as this speaks for itself.
As a member of, you will have the opportunity to promote the Value Enhancement Technology concept as many times as you wish!
The fact that not everyone will view this document as a document of value, does not take away from it, the very fact, that it is a document of value, as long as it is valued by someone!


As the goal of is to bring about a shift in the world, that will benefit all peoples, there will be many who will promote this document by the thousands!
Happy promoting to you!
Value given to just one person, is worth the effort!
Give to millions and the effort will prove to be ***worth it***
Remember… Value equals… Worth.
Remember… Worth equals… Value.
Spread the word… Spread Value Enhancement Technology!
The following, as with all of the contents of this document, is not intended to insult anyone, but it would seem wise to assume that only those who are using other people for their own gain would be offended by the contents of this document. I wish to make it absolutely clear, that if a person truly believes in something… Be it religion… Politics… Or whatever, then, would not pose a threat to those beliefs.

It is only fair to say that, should you feel that you are

Under multitudinous doubts

Under dictatorship

Under oppression

Under nourished

Under cared for

Under pressure

Under loved

Under threat

Under paid

Under fire and

Under valued

You will not only not feel threatened or insulted by this document. you will feel that, at last, you have found some truth that you are not alone with any of these feelings.
You have been badly treated for so long, and now you will feel assured that you are a very valuable person, and as such the contents of this document will help to set you free!

You are welcome!

Most of the governments of the world operate for gain!
Some are evil!
Some are so destructive, that they must be removed from power!
This world is full of people who force guilt and fear upon others by using mystical and destructive beliefs.
When you awake from your sleep, are you are faced with feelings of guilt?
Are you led to believe that you are a bad person because of the way that you feel, think, dream, and or desire?
If you are a bad person, you are because you do something bad.
Not because you think something bad.
Are you guilty of something that someone else has supposedly done?
Wrestling with one’s thoughts is quite natural, except when those thoughts have been forced into your subconscious over time by those who condemn you.


V.E.Tech does not…




Or fly the flag for any form of…

Mystical belief…

Religious belief…

Or political belief!

We are not guilty of anything that we have not personally committed!
We must strive to be free from the grip of the value destroyers, whose sole intent it is, to imprison our minds by making us feel and believe that we are to blame for what is said to be others wrong doings.

(For example)

If Dib and Dab lived in different cities, and did not know that each other existed, and Dib killed a man, would you think it right that Dab should be executed for the crime? Of course not!
Then why should we be made to feel guilty for anything that we have not personally done wrong?
But according to the mystics and the destructive element within politics and religions etc, we are to be controlled by the never ending lies that we are fed from the moment we are born!
We are not guilty for anything that has happened in the past!
Guilt lies only with those who would try to subdue mankind with untruths and deceit!
It is the promoting of in its many forms, which will help to rid the world of the belief that we must follow on blindly to the brink of physical, and physiological destruction!
It is of paramount importance, that all people whoever and wherever they may be receive the value of truth, equality, and liberty.

Speech is the mode

Value is the load

V.E.Tech is the vehicle

Get on board!


Can you honestly believe that there is not enough work to go around?
Have you thought about the countless jobs that need doing within your neighbourhood? Have you seen the condition of some of our beaches – roads – streets – fences – parks – woodlands – elderly people’s homes?

And on and on and on!

There are so many jobs to do that would provide countless millions of people with the work that they would simply love to do! They would then feel, and become of great value to society, and also to themselves!
Pollution control – river cleansing – caring for those who are struggling to survive – and on and on and on!
Look at the many homeless and hungry people on the streets of the world!
How many buildings do you see that could be used to house, and give value to those people?

To name but a few!

Thousands of government buildings that are used to control those who are in need rather than, if the people were not in such need, there would be no need to have these people in those positions of power!
Thousands of churches that should be used as places to preach compassion, if the leaders of such places were to give compassion, they would give these buildings to those who needed them!
Millions of empty caravans and boats that could provide a safe place either temporarily or permanently and even for respite.
Thousands of empty office and industrial buildings, some of which sit there empty for decades.
How much unsold foods do the supermarkets of the world throw away each and every day?
Hundreds of thousands of tons!
People are starving all across the earth!
People are valuable!
What is the matter with our minds?
Must we vote a government into power and sit back and watch them continually argue with the so called opposition or take the country to war without our agreement or permission? They are supposed to serve the voters aren’t they?
Where are they leading us to?
No they are not!
They never have!
They never will!
Perhaps the next new government will really sort things out!
Don’t hold your breath!
As previously outlined, is the way to the future. A place where can find answers. Answers that you as a valued promoter can see more clearly as you become more open to the brilliant prospects of…

Value Enhancement Technology

As promoters of unity, we the value producers, have it within our power to shift the balance of the no longer tolerable guilt, back to the value destroyers of the family of mankind.
Do you feel that Value Enhancement Technology is for you?
If so, you will be one of the new and growing put it right people.
A people whose aim it is to balance the money monopoly. balance the care giving. whose aim is to give – create – provide – cause – greater and absolute equal values for everyone!


Then begin at the top!
You now have the technology!
You know that you are a valuable individual!
Take hold of this giant opportunity, and give value to others, as it has been given to you!
What’s in it for you?
If you don’t know by now, read on!
In the words of a song
“Reach out and touch, make this world a better place, if you can!”

 Someone once said

“We are each of us in the gutter, but some of us are looking to the stars!”

 Someone also said

“Most of the people in this world are asleep, the few that are awake live in constant total amazement!”

 What does this mean!

Working 9 to 5…
Going home…
Falling asleep in front of the TV…
Going to bed…
To be continued the next day?
Who said… Get a life?
Have we forgotten how big the world is?
I had! But then I awoke to the sound of Value Enhancement Technology.
From the mind of genius giants, my own mind unfolded like the pages of a long lost parchment. The revelation was astounding!
The giant leap was the most welcome realization, simplified by the guidance revealed and provided in good faith!


I sincerely hope that this book of Value Enhancement Technology will provide you with new values in your life, and that you will gain value to the level of your desire.
You will see that the concept is simple basic and easy to understand, and most of all, so obvious that you probably thought that you knew it already!
But upon realizing the true value and potential of the concept, you can see how easy it is not to see the wood for the trees!
It has taken me many years, and has cost me a small fortune along the way, as I purchased one business program after another or one plan or another etc. etc. But now, as the truth has dawned on me, I am truly amazed!
I am looking to the stars and no longer to the gutter!
Many people do not like the idea of joining clubs and such, so it important to realize that, should you wish to be a part of the concept, you will become a contributor of the on-going promotion of values, which are beneficial to all concerned.

As you will see…

You are valuable to me in so many ways, and I wish to be valuable to you.
The passing on of, Value Enhancement Technology, is a way to make available, the opportunity to spread values to others around our beautiful Earth.
It is impossible to put everything of value into this book, therefore please understand that it has been my intention, to give a somewhat condensed overview of the state of affairs within our world, from my point of view. A world torn apart by those who take, to the point of robbing others of their values!

The Earth is such a beautiful and wondrous planet.

The destruction of this magnificent value giver is without a doubt, the most disgusting and wicked act of those who could and should now take the desperately needed opportunity to give those values back to our home planet, and to all of the very valuable creatures who depend upon it for life.
Any offense to anyone due to the contents of this document is but a drop in the ocean compared to the offense committed against the people of the Earth, and the most precious jewel upon which we live!

The secret of success is no longer a secret!

We have the technology to bring value back to our earth, and to everyone.

Everyone must make it their goal in life, to use this technology to the benefit of all!

Value Enhancement Technology

 A mammoth task!

Failure will mean extinction.

Success will mean unimaginable values.

We are destroying the planet earth!


Global warming.

Causing the Earths great oceans to rise.

Causing changes in the weather pattern’s of the Earth.

Along with the entire knock on effects that global warming is bringing with it.

The deterioration of the Earth’s atmosphere!

The poisoning of the life supporting air that we all breathe.

The poisoning and using up of sea life that is now in severe decline.

The utterly stupid destruction of the major jungles and forests across the Earth!

Rapid climate changes causing famines… Pestilence… Plagues… Epidemic diseases and possibly the total extinction of all human life on Earth!
Is it possible to imagine just how much human effluence and waste products are thrown into the seas, and buried below ground?
How much rubbish is produced and buried into the ground from where we are supposed to grow our food?
The poisoning of the drinking water across the Earth, in any way that is ridiculously possible!
 Just what on Earth are we doing?

 An utterly disgusting fact

Over a billion people are starving to death right now!
This is approximately 1 in 5 of the population of the Earth actually starving to death!
Over five hundred million people are undernourished on this planet!
Approximately thirty-six million people are h.i.v. positive. (aids)
Tuberculosis is back in a big way! this was under control at one time, but through utter stupidity it is now a threat to all of us!

Nuclear bombs!

Nuclear waste!

Nuclear idiots!

Upstart nuclear countries could bring disaster in a short time.

The possibility of a nuclear holocaust is still a sickening threat to the Earth.

But what can we do about it?

Can do?

We must do something about it!

There are those who are doing their best to fight this disgusting state of affairs.
People such as Greenpeace are fighting an up-hill battle against the perpetrators of the destruction of our entire world!

Unite – but fast!

Is it possible for governments who can’t even stop the killing of innocent animals for sport, to actually make sound decisions about how the world should be run?
Why are wales still being hunted to extinction?
It does not seem possible that any government, who can’t even agree among themselves, can actually ever hope to bring true value and success to our world as a whole.
There are those who produce newspapers, and denounce the governments when the truth is obvious.
There are others who produce conflicting newspapers which uphold the views of the governments.

Who are we to believe?

The principals of, accepts the fact that we need the media in order that the truth can be held up for all to see.
But it is important that there is no bias within these organizations.
We must see the truth, not someone’s opinion, which could be misleading just because they hold a position of power!
So it is with this in mind, that the principals of, invites the interest of those newspapers and broadcasters, who’s intent it is, to bring the values of truth to the world.
It is up to each one of us to determine what the real truth is!
Each day I hear different people talking about the state of the world.
They have the answers deeply rooted within their minds!
Yet… Who is voting these governments into power?
The very same people who know that they are voting for poor leaders!
It seems crazy when you know that many governments are making such a mess of running these countries, yet… Bad governments are still allowed to take leadership, with their obviously fateful reputations!
It happens so often that when political parties make their manifesto’s, the public are pounded by those supporting… and those opposing it.
Then, when the day to vote arrives, so many people go to the polling booths, and either vote with conviction, or vote because they have always voted a certain way, or worst of all, do not understand what they are voting for… Who they are voting for… Or why they are voting at all! ‘He looks like a nice man, let’s vote for him’?
How many religions are there?
Within these religions, how many variations are there?
I know of one religion that has been quoted as having over 2.000 such variations.
All saying that theirs is the right one!
One of them must be the right one, or there is no right one!
Are you truly convinced that yours is the right one?
If you are, then the world needs you to speak up now!
Prove it to all!
What are you waiting for?
The same goes for politics.
Put up! Or shut up!

The world needs solutions that give all peoples equal value, with no exceptions whatsoever.

We are traveling through the vastness of space and time, and we are on a wondrous ship called Earth. Why are we not able to get along and help each other as we face enormous perils along the way?
There have been so many people killed – oppressed – psychologically destroyed – and left guilt ridden by one religion or another, that the seemingly most important point to most religions which is to promote peace and love obviously reveals the truth that religion is not – has not – and will not provide the real and true values that all of the peoples of the earth deserve.
Therefore, can belief in any religion, in any form be considered logical?
No! Not unless that religion brings peace, love, stability, equality, salvation and value to each and every human on this planet.
Religions who agree with politicians are fundamentally flawed!
Politicians who support one religion over another are unfit to govern any country!
It is hypocritical to say that if you believe in ‘A’ you will give ‘B’ the same values.
Condemnation of one religion by another is an everyday thing, just as one political party is against another! The word against being the key word!
There is a way to unite the world, and that way is to give everyone equal value.
To sow the seeds of change that would incorporate all faiths, and all political beliefs in constant open dialogue. How we can do this, is to spread
Is it logical to follow a religion which in one country, where the minister gives a blessing to an army going into battle against an army in another country who are of the same faith? They receive a blessing; God be with you!

God against God?

So it is, with regret, that we must see the wood not the trees, and regain control of our minds. Regret in respect of those who have and still do render themselves to be controlled by obvious tricksters.
It is now time to open our eyes to the blatant truths of reality.
Time to admit that although we are entirely to blame for the way we believe and feel, we can see how we must take steps to come out of any form of oppression be it by political – religious – mystical – or any other means of control that leaves any person undervalued.

What a load of crystal balls!

As for mystical, well you will meet a tall dark handsome stranger, who will carry you off on a beautiful white charger, to a land full of gold and diamonds!
Do me a favour! enough said about that.

To highlight some of what has been said previously stated in this book.

It is not the intention of this concept to hurt anyone’s feelings in any way at all. it is on the other hand necessary to bring the truth out into the open in order to save others from the pain and suffering caused by wicked untruthful and deceiving leaders of political and religious organizations.

To replace it

No not at all

Simply to make it possible for each and every individual person upon this wonderful Earth, to be in a state of no longer being oppressed to find freedom – guilt-less-ness – happiness – contentment- sanity and among the many others value!
It is said that the truth often hurts!
It is also said that you always hurt the one you love, the one you shouldn’t hurt at all!
It is for the love of all, that Value Enhancement Technology must be promoted.
Once the hurt is gone, the real values of life proper will make the painful (for some) transition, nothing but a memory of the grim past.
If only had been there for all those no longer with us!
It is up to each and every individual of value to make the pain of the past of greater past values by moving now with the benefit of the proving gone before us.

Do it for those no longer with us

Do it for our children

Do it for those who are unable to do it for themselves

Do it for you!

In order to stress the importance of certain points, it is necessary to repeat some of them.
It is the directive of to verbally challenge the governments of the Earth, who are systematically bringing inevitable destruction of our precious world.
It is the purpose of to give genuine value producers, the opportunity to join together, and to help make changes in the way that our planet is used.
It is very important that we the promoters keep in touch, and work together.
There are leaders among us!
V.E.Tech is to help each promoter to gain value to the point that he or she can challenge those who are not doing their jobs properly, and in order to get to that position, it is necessary for a promoter to be able to accumulate sufficient value, to make this possible!

Yes it is possible!

The word attack has not been used, as this is an unfortunate word… in that… it is not the purpose of to attack anyone. A better word is to defend!
This means that it is the purpose of to defend the people of this world from those who are making it possible for mankind and all of the wonderful living creatures upon the Earth, to come to the brink of utter destruction! In order that this defence is successful, it is the duty of all those who care, to challenge! because there is no other way!
So it is necessary to challenge in order to defend, but not to attack.
Because to attack would add force to our intent!
We do not wish to be a part of anything that would force anyone to do anything.
This would put us on the same level as the value destroyers of this world.

The pen is mightier than the sword!

The sword brings death!

Value Enhancement Technology brings preservation, enlightenment, logic, and constructive rebuilding of our once shattered dreams.
Hope to a hopeless situation, life to a dying planet, and value to all for whom life was intended.
To preserve (save) our world from destruction is the most valuable contribution that we can ever make!
Not to take the required action now would be too horrible to contemplate!
Value Enhancement Technology brings an awakening to the realization of how life really ought to be!


Unity is the key to success!

Value Enhancement Technology is the door!

We hold the key!

It is our turn of the key!

We must take it!

When many people are united together in such a giant cause, then success by any measure will follow.
Our lives are in the hands of the governments of this world!
Our lives must be in our own hands in order to ensure the survival of all life on Earth!
If you disbelieve what is said in this document, then don’t take any action to help to save the world!
We the value enhancers will do it anyway!
Because it must be done!

The doom and gloom club

It is much easier to sit back and watch TV, and dream on!
It is so easy to sit back and watch the world go by scratch your head and say “oh isn’t it a shame the way the world is today”!

Am I a hero?

No not at all!

Alone, I am just one voice in the wilderness!
United with as many people as possible we are one bigger voice!
This world does not need another hero; it needs a solution!
I believe that the solution is Value Enhancement Technology.
The value of life must be of paramount importance.
Each man… woman… and child on this earth, must be valued, and must be allowed the opportunity to have equality.
We should all have the food that we need.
We should all have the shelter that we need.
We should all have the safety… the security… the freedom… and the individual right to live without fear!

How can we… the people of the Earth… obtain all that we need?

All that we are entitled to?

After all, it is our Earth!

We can have all that we are entitled to, but in order for us to have this, we must reach a new state of unity!
This is a very difficult and dangerous road to travel!
There are those out there who will do anything to protect their positions of power, and who would go to any lengths, to suppress any movement that threatens their little empires!
Do you still wish to become united with those who care about our people – our Earth – our survival?
If you do, then it is up to each and every promoter of Value Enhancement Technology, to input value into each other’s lives, in order to help each other to gain the insight which will make it possible, for a united *WE* to speak at a higher level to those who are now in power, all over the world!
It is up to each and every true value producing promoter, to lift other promoters to positions of importance, by adding value unlimited to those who aspire to such heights.
In most countries, there are generally a few major competitors, who fight for the seat of power. they then form a so-called government, after supposedly winning the voters over to what they say is the better way to progress as a people united.
Well sadly, it is so obvious, that this form of selection is not working.
By spreading the word, it is the very fervent hope that will become a vehicle by which peoples united in a sincere and benevolent desire to provide values unlimited to all peoples, can reach out and gather together the value treasurers of the world.

A mammoth task indeed!

A task that has within it, the very seed of success that is worthy of the greatest coordinated effort by all people of value.
The fact that each promoter has the opportunity to receive value in return for introducing others to makes it possible for each promoter to grow in value to enable him or her, to reach a level, from which they can contest to positions of equality, with those who now run the world.
This could be you!
Good people everywhere are waiting to hear a voice of truth!
Value Enhancement Technology will open the eyes of millions of people all over the world!
The more promoters who offer to others, the better it will be for everyone.
The sooner value producers reach the positions of influence; the sooner the results will be forthcoming.
It is necessary to put people with Value Enhancement Technology into such positions, so that they can shine the light of truth that all things must quickly change, in order to save…
(1) The valuable lives of others.
(2) The valuable resources of our planet.
And to stop
(3) The cause of the decay of our precious Earth.
And among other things, we must protect…
(4) the values of each and every individual who, by the very fact that they are human, deserve to live in absolute equality as a valued member of society as a whole!

Who said this?

There is nothing that is not possible with sufficient effort to meet the task!


Should I remain alone in this struggle to shift the balance of hope for the continued value of life on Earth, I might make a small dent!
United with all the people of value, that dent would undoubtedly become a severe crushing of the value destroyers of this our very precious and fragile home!

This is success!

This is true value!

Time is not on our side!

Please do not waste one sweet moment!

United we stand, divided we fall!

What a bitter thought, the fall of mankind!

It’s too late now! the world is doomed!

Not so!

It has taken a long time to cause this terrifying state of affairs on our Earth, and it will take some considerable time to put things right, but it can be done!
With a concerted effort made by all people of value, the Earth and all life upon it can be saved. but there must be a unification of each and every race upon the Earth of every religious persuasion, and of every political persuasion, to fulfil this mighty task.
Should all the people of value work in unison, there is nothing that can stop the forward motion.
The voice of truth must be heard!
The value of all life must be honoured!
We have to save ourselves. no one else is going to!
It is good to see someone bow their head to the Creator, but not to feel guilty, or not free to unite with others to the common good of all.
We should all respect each other person’s beliefs, and endeavour to accept that we are all individuals, with individual dreams and desires.
If one person believes that there is one Creator who fills the inter-spaces of the galaxy, and all of time, then that person should be allowed to feel contented with their belief, and not to be oppressed because of that belief.
It is violence that has held progress back throughout time, and once violence is ended, nothing will stand in the way of peace and progress leading to a successful conclusion.
That of putting all our efforts into cleaning up our planet, ridding ourselves of the greedy mega rich in society, by equalizing the values for all, and to enable them to live happy and peaceful lives, respecting our neighbour, and with a joint effort to solve all of the problems that face humanity in the days ahead.

Peace happiness success and love to you all

Gordon Mitchell

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